The voodoo doll

Mandy loves Michael,
Michael doesn't like Mandy,
Libby loves Michael,
Michael likes Libby
Will they be torn apart......


1. the spell binding start

"Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!" The loud speaker rang loud and clear. "Every student must take part in photos, even if you aren't buying." Uh-oh I forgot today is pictures! Typical Libby pulling a Libby. I'm going to the restroom to attempt to fix my hair a little, when Mandy, most popular and a cheerleader, pushes out of the way and against the lockers. Sometimes I just wish she knew what it's like. Then the best thing ever happened!!!! Michael Clifford , my crush, helps me up and winks at me. I TURNED AS RED AS A TOMATO!!!!!!!! Do you think he likes me?! Cuz I really like him, but everyone in the school knows he is Mandy's "territory".

Michael is a cute punk rocker who moved here from Australia with 3 of his friends Ashton, Luke, and Calum. I love their rock music that they make I know their music because they do concerts for some money. Michael has originally blonde hair but he dyes it so much it looks like galaxy now. Anyway I'm so embarrassed I just stand there like a statue. " oh ummm thanks a lot Michael!" " no prob Libby and call me Mikey." And he flashes his beautiful smile! I run like the wind to my friend Ariel and drag her into the bathroom. I tell her what happened. "Well you and Michael should date so I can get my hands on Luke!" "ARIEL!!!! You know Mandy gets Michael!" "C'mon you need to that up to that-" "ARIEL!!!!!!!" Then Mandy walks out of one of the stalls. Ariel grabs my hand and and runs me out and Mandy's gang is outside the bathroom waiting for us! They grab us and throw us to the ground with a loud thud! They start kicking us their heels digging into our skin almost tearing it. I'm on the ground face down in turtle position. Then Mandy and her girls leave and someone helps us up. It's Luke, Michael, Aston, and Calum. They help us out of the school and into their van.

Ariel and I thank them tons of times. We go over to their place and they help us with our wounds and give us some ice. We talk for hours then I see the clock and I forgot my mom gets off in like five minutes and school ended! I skipped school?!!!! Ariel and I leave "Ariel this block looks familiar" we walk to the other side of the block and it turns out Michael and the others live right behind me! My first thought, OMG AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! We run to my house get out notebooks and my mom walks in, whew we were right on time.

"Hi Ariel, how was school today you guys?" I'm panicked because I'm a good girl who doesn't lie!!!!!! "Just fine thanks!" Ariel says with a smile I'm shocked she lied to my mom! Ariel and I go up to my room and Ariel wants to stay for a little so we again worked up a lie, my mom has to leave town and we said Ariel's parents were too but really they weren't they thought my mom was home and let Ariel stay! Now Ariel and help my mom get ready to leave and she says "you know while I'm gone you can't talk to the people who live behind us, their bad boys who moved here and their always causing ruckus!" Uh-oh. "Don't worry Libby and I won't." We won't? I mean we won't!" My mom gets into the car I kiss her goodbye and she leaves. Ariel and I go to my room for a little. We got dressed a little cuter and went to the mall. We walk into rue 21 and we see all 4 of the Australians are working there "Libby go say hi!" Ariel smirks at me "Ariel no way!!!!" Ariel shoves me over and we both say hi. "Hey Libby, wanna go to a movie Saturday? And don't worry i will pay." "Ummmmmmmmm Michael-" "call me Mikey." "Ok Mikey ummmmm i don't think I can go. In fact Ariel and I have to leave!" "But we just got here!!" She said as she starred into Luke's eyes and him into hers. I drag her out.

We are in my room and she goes to bed on the floor still fighting with me about the date. Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm dreaming about mich.... I mean Mikey leaning in to kiss me when he says "our chemistry is as strong as chemical bonds." I wake up "ARIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE CHEMISTRY TEST!!!!!!!!!" The stay up studying until dawn.

We grab our stuff eat ego waffles and run our the door. Our school starts really early. We are walking when a van pulls up a head sticks out and it's Luke. He yells "you guys need a ride?!" Before I said no Ariel yelled "sure!" She jumps in and pulls me in. "Whoa!" And I tumble right onto Mikey! Then of course silly him, he starts singing lean on me. Mikey puts his arms around me and I sit there for a little bit, hesitating, then I sit across from him next to Ariel who is leaning on Luke, at least my only BFF gets a happily ever after.

Mikey and I talk a lot about the science project we are doing in class (we have science together). Then I go sit by him and he puts his arm around my shoulders. We get to the school and he helps me out. He walks me to my locker and Mandy is waiting for me. "Hi Mikey! And Libby go away NOW!" "No! She doesn't have to!" Mikey stood up for me? Wow only Ariel has until now. "Plus my locker is here" "I don't care " "leave Libby alone! Mandy you're a bully and a-" "Michael." Luke cuts in before Mikey could finish. "Libby get away from my Mikey at least!" "It's Michael to you, Mandy." Mikey looked a little angry "and I'm not yours. I'm not anyone's but I'm with Libby"

I'm sitting in last hour still think about how Mikey said he was with me. I can't believe it...... HE LIKES ME!!!!!!

Will update soon y'all!!!! And new characters coming very very very berry soon!!!!!!! Stay zunnicque πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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