The voodoo doll

Mandy loves Michael,
Michael doesn't like Mandy,
Libby loves Michael,
Michael likes Libby
Will they be torn apart......


3. the lonely ness

I hear a knock at the door and Mandy is waiting there with Michael. She says to him "Michael, get them." Next thing I know Ariel and I are tied up in a van. Mandy and Mikey are making out I can hear. Then we stop and everything goes black.

Ariel and I wake up at the same time and say "Mandy!!!!" At the same time. We die code we need to see someone about this. we go next door to Jessica and tell her everything. She says "well it seems you both had a vision that may come true." Ariel's jaw is dropped and my eyes are bugging out.

Ariel and I go eat some brunch, a knock at the door we get scared. But it's just Mikey and Luke. They asked us on another "date", I guess you could call it. This time we go to a surprise. We agreed. We get ready for our surprise date but we don't dress too nice so we can walk around in the clothes we wear there. We go over to their place and I hug Mikey and ask "you wouldn't try to hurt me right?" He says "why would I want to hurt an amazing beautiful girl like you?!"

We wait for the boys and a car pulls up with a word sign, Child Death Service or CDS. The van pulls up behind them. The tall awkward looking man from the weird car comes out to me. He ha a gloomy look on his face. Mikey runs up to me as I fall to my knees crying. This man told me my mom got hit by a semi and died at the hospital. I can't stop crying Jessica and Ariel are patting my back. Mikey picks me up and holds me. Vaden, Jessica, Mikey, Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Ariel are silent all I hear is my crying, and the steady calming heartbeat of Mikey.

I'm inside on the couch on Mikey's lap. He is rubbing my back. He kisses my forehead. "I don't wanna bring down our dates let's go." "Jessica ummmmm wanna be ummmmm my date?" Vaden asks. Sure, why not?"

We all go to a house about 20 minutes away. We all go in and there is a ton of instruments and a beautiful balcony. We all choose a instrument, we sounded pretty good........, if you're deaf. I walk out onto the balcony and I look out at the city and cry a little. Then Mikey comes and wraps his arms around my waist and turns me around. He holds me so close are hearts feel as if they beat as one, he tries to kiss me but I turn away and say "let's go in and decide where to eat." So when we walk I. Ariel says "let's go to Applebee's!" So we pile into the van and head over.

We get there and we all sit by our date, Mikey and I, Ariel and Luke, Vaden and Jessica, and Calum and Ashton. Mikey puts his arm around me and we both get a steak dinner to share. I turn around to the sound of talking Mandy is at a table near by. She is pointing at me and Mikey, I just keep eating and cuddling and laughing with Mikey. Then I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head, Mandy is behind me and what ever she did she did it to Mikey too. I jay stare while Mikey says "make like a bee and buzz off or stop acting like a dog or a-" "Mikey." I cut him off. "Yea, Mikey!" Mandy mimicked weird and laughs with her gang of 2 more than her. I just stare at her and she says "what are you staring at?!" "What are you staring at?!" Everyone at the table mimicked then laughed "stop!!!!!" "Stop!!!!!" We laugh again. Mandy and her gang leave in a mad pouty mood.

It's morning and Ariel gets the mail. I'm making eggs and toast. She gets the milk and sriracha for my eggs. I look at all the 'I'm so sorry for your loss.' Cards. Then u see a weird one and it says CDS and I open it. My mouth drops, Mikey walks into the house and says "what's wrong?" Ariel just looks at me weird. "If I don't live with a parent or someone over 18 their gonna make me go to a foster house."

Haii y'all hope you like this chapter please keep reading once I finish! Please like or comment thanks for reading!!!!! Stay zunnicque!!!!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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