The voodoo doll

Mandy loves Michael,
Michael doesn't like Mandy,
Libby loves Michael,
Michael likes Libby
Will they be torn apart......


4. school blues

I still went to school but everyone kept saying 'I'm sorry for your loss.' Everyone treated me like a was special like the teachers said that I have an extra day or two on certain assignments. I can't stop thinking about my mom, and how my dad left and never came back...... I feel like I'm gonna cry so I put my head down on he desk. The teacher walks over and sits next to me. "Honey, are you ok?" This teacher is probably the nicest teacher ever, "yea, just a little sad." "Do you wanna go talk about it outside?" "Ok"

I'm sure the kids in class are talking about me. I tell her about my mom and dad and the letter I got, "if you ever need and tone Libby I'm here for you." "Thank you." Then she said "if you need a place to stay my house is big enough." "In sorry, but this house I lived in my whole life so I would rather live in the one I live in now." "Ok Libby, but if you need me this is my address." Then she handed me a piece of paper.

I'm walking home when Ariel and the boys drive by. They give me a ride and Mikey holds me. Then we get to my house and Ariel comes with me. We start our homework for the whole week and finish. She hugs me a lot. "You know I'm here for you and so is Mikey. Mikey told me he really loves you and wants to help you." "We'll is someone saved my house that I remember since I was a kid, then I would love them!" And i start to cry. "I have to go to my house to get something." "Ok."

I watch out the window as she leaves, she goes over to the boys. She must be saying hi to Luke really fast, or getting a ride. She gets in the van and they drive toward her house. They being Ariel back to my house and they go somewhere, I don't know where.

Ariel walks in and she helps make some macaroni. I barley eat any. Ariel spends the night again. We stay up talking about the boys and how I really feel about Mikey, "I love him but I can't." "Why?!!" "My moms last wish was 'stay away from the boys that moved in behind us, they cause ruckus.' I need to fulfill my mothers wish." Then their silence, in Ariel's yes I can tell she is shocked yet thinking about it. "Ok, but your choice."

We're about to go to bed when there's a Knock on the door.its Ashton. Ariel and I go with him to their place. "Since I'm 20, I am gonna save your house. I will tell them I will check on you frequently and we live right behind you." I hug Ashton, "don't thank me, thank him and her" he looks over at Mikey and Ariel. I hug them both and Mikey picks me up and swings me around. Then Ariel and I go home to sleep.

We go to school and I'm happier. Mandy can't even ruin my day except, she is spreading rumors I killed my parents. She points at me in front of the whole football team and cheerleading team "she is Libby, and she killed her parents! Who will be her next victim?!" Mikey tells her to stop when I walk up to her, "I don't care what you think, but to get your facts straight my dad left me when I was 2 and my mom recently died coming home from traveling business and was hit by a semi and died in the hospital." I try not to cry. "So back off, what did I ever do to you?!" She shoves me to the ground. I'm not done with her, slide my legs right under her legs and get up when she falls, she jumps up at me but Mikey jumps in front of me so he arm is stabbed by a hair clip.

I take him to the nurse and help clean it off. The nurse has to go help someone so Mikey tells me when she leaves, "I really appreciate you cleaning me up, and you know i really like you." "I should be the one appreciating you for saving me" I smile and he laughs " I love your smile." I turn away from his vision, but he puts eh hand on my chin, his gentle touch sends chills up my spine, and he turns my head but I look down. "Your eyes are the 2nd most beautiful thing I have ever seen." "What's the first?" I ask "you" he replies and of course typical Libby blushes.

Can't wait to write more and if you notice a weird word blame auto correct! Stay zunnicque!!!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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