The voodoo doll

Mandy loves Michael,
Michael doesn't like Mandy,
Libby loves Michael,
Michael likes Libby
Will they be torn apart......


2. newbies

It's Saturday...... YAY sleepy time. I forgot Ariel stayed over so when I got up to the door knocking on the door I tripped on her. Then I ran to the door and to my surprise it was Luke, Mikey, Ashton, and Calum. I said to Luke "you must want Ariel I will go get her." I run upstairs change and tell Ariel she jumps into clothes...... Literally. We run downstairs and say hi "so Libby we still on for eight?" Mikey says with his adorable smile and winks. "Ummmmmmmmmmm idk......." "How about Libby thinks it over while all of us have breakfast!"

The next thing I know I'm next to Mikey and Calum and Ashton are making eggs, pancakes, and toast. Luke and Ariel are cuddling, and Mikey has his arm around me. And I let him keep his arm there. We talk and talk then "yo guys we need to get ready for the concert." Calum says "awwwwwwwwww man!!!!!" Ariel says. And hugs Luke tight, then Mikey hugs me and whispers in my ear "will you be mine?" I blush sooooooo much!!!!! We say bye then Ashton turns around and says "Mikey wants to show you something later but we will be at concert so I got these." He hands me 2 VIP passes to the concert!

Ariel and I are at the concert and some people help us to back stage. We hear them play don't stop and amnesia, and I swear I saw hearts in Ariel's eyes, but me I was listening and looking and Mikey. Then they stop a guy runs out to give them water bottles, the pant catching their breathe. Mikey looks at me and flashes his smile, he steps up to the mike and says "this song is for a very special girl in my life........Libby!" My jaw drops and he looks at me and winks, they sing one of their hits heartbreak girl!

After the show Mikey came over and hugged me, and I hugged back. Then we all piled into he van and went to the movies. We saw maze runner it was really good and the whole time I let Mikey put his arm around me. Then we went to dinner at Wendy's and Mikey did buy, he insisted. Ariel was cuddling with Luke, I was sitting next to Mikey, Calum and Ashton were sitting next to each other pretending to be a couple, trying to mock us. Then we laughed and talked for about 2 hours then we went home and Mikey kissed my cheek. I can't wait to see him tomorrow.

To wake up and trip on Ariel again but this time she didn't wake up, I said into her ear, "Luke is at the door and wants to give you a kiss!" She gets up and screams "IM COMING LUKEYPOO!!!!!!!" I tell her I was joking and she throws a pillow at me. We look out the window and some people moved in across the street. We go over and say hi, a girl lives there named Jessica "hi I come from Washington DC!" "Cool!" Ariel and I say. Ariel is running in the street all around because....... I don't know she is being Ariel I guess "Ariel be careful." I yell "don't be a stick in the mud!" She yells back, then the moving truck runs over her foot, "I told you so!" I yell she limps over and Luke runs past me and hugs he then someone puts there hands over my eyes and picks me up, so I punch who ever it is in the stomach. Then I hear a familiar "OUCH!!!!" "Oh Mikey I'm soooooo sorry!" And I hug him. He smiles his beautiful smile and kisses my forehead.

"The boys and I have a surprise, we had someone move in!" Then a dude with blonde hair and glasses just like Jessica steps out of the shadows. "This is Vaden." Vaden smiles at Jessica and she blushes, not nearly as hard as I blush. "Hi" he says and I swear I saw the zing from hotel Transylvania in Jessica and Vadens eyes. Then we all go into the boys house for lunch and we talk and talk again.

I remember my mom will be home the day after tomorrow, she starts her drive tomorrow. And I miss her but I will miss Mikey. But maybe Mandy will leave me alone, I hear a knock on the door Ariel gets up but I hold her arm. Speak of the devil! It's Mandy! But the boys van is in front of our house. I answer and Mandy says "Mikey, grab them."

Thanks for reading I will keep going stay zunnicque!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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