Fandom Pairing Fics

A collection of fluff pairings to smut pairing of various fandoms. Suggestions welcome!


1. The Sweater

Sam sat on the cheap motel bed reading various articles on the latest disappearances and happily humming the tune of acdc's Thunderstruck. Suddenly Gabe appeared in the kitchen with a flutter of his large wings. Sam looked up while a grin. They had started dating soon after dean and cas had hooked up nearly a year ago. "Hey sammy boy." Gabriel chirped as he walked towards sam and playfully jumped onto the bed. "Hey watch it. I'm trying to work here." Sam scolded trying not to laugh. Gabriel didn't listen, still bouncing softly next to sam. "Sammmmy. I made you somethin!" He said as he pulled out a large box wrapped in newspaper. "Come on look. I made it myself." Sam put down the articles he was reading and grabbed the box carefully. He looked up at Gabriel with a small smile. "You made me something? What's the occasion?" Sam questioned. Gabriel pulled a few gumdrops out of his pocket and popped one into his mouth. "Ah. No reason I just thought you deserved it. Now go on open it." Sam laughed and began to tear away layer after layer of the newspaper. Finally he was down to just the brown cardboard gift box. He moved closer to Gabriel laying his chin on gabes head. Sam lofted off the lid on the box to reveal a neatly folded sweater with a card on top. First he read the card, "Roses are red, violets are blue. I will never love sweets, as much as I love you. Love Gabriel." Even though this whole thing was childish to sam, he did think it was pretty nice to get a gift with such thought and time to go into it. Sam kissed the top of Gabriel's head, taking a moment to breathe in the sweet aroma of his light golden brown hair before standing up, holding the sweater in his hand. He held the sweater up to his large chest. Displayed on the front was a terribly sewn moose sitting alongside a golden brown lab dog. Even though the sweater was hideous looking sam happily slid it over his jacket and looked towards gabe. "So do you like it?" Gabriel asked chewing on a twizzler. Sam smiled with tear-filled eyes. "I love it." He said grabbing gabe and lifting him into the air. With much protest sam laid Gabriel on top of his shoulders and jumped onto the bed, papers flying everywhere. With plenty of laughter and soft kisses they laughed together in the bed holding each other and eating sweets.

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