Fandom Pairing Fics

A collection of fluff pairings to smut pairing of various fandoms. Suggestions welcome!


2. Help

Dean kicked the motel door open with a fit of booming laugher. In his hand was a very large blood stained blade. "SAMMY! I'm Hooome!" He yelled. Sam stopped in the middle of his workout and grabbed the pistol from his bed, carefully walking into the kitchen where his demon brother was standing. "Dean stay back." Sam warned aiming between Dean's coal black eyes. Dean laughed. "What are you gonna do little brother? You can't kill me with those glorified pebbles. Jesus sammy I'm a freaking demon. And you aren't much better." Dean said with a cold smirk. Walking towards the kitchen table and sitting down. "Dean get out now. You are the same scum we... I hunt. So leave." Dean looked up for a moment then continued to carve random markings on the wooden table. "Oh Sammy don't act like a hero. You are just like me. A soulless asshole who kills everything that gets in his way. You aren't helping anyone. But I need your help so let's not get to emotional about this." He scoffed. Sam reluctantly lowered his gun. "Like I would help you. So you could manipulate me? Play with my emotions? Well you can't really do that anymore now can you?" Sam said calmly without the slightest hint of anger or any emotion for that matter. Dean gave an evil smirk and licked his lips. "Oh you'll help me. I guarantee it. I have something you want. Need." He looked sam straight in the eyes. "And what's that?" Sam asked curiously. Dean stood up, leaving the blade on the table. No he wasn't nearly as tall as Sam but none the less he was intimidating. Sam grasped his pistol tightly. "Let's just say you've been wanting this as much as I have." With this dean lunged at him, his lips roughly attacking Sam's. He grabbed the back of Sam's head, knotting his fingers in his long brown hair. Sam was stunned. He dropped his gun as deans teeth grazed his bottom lip before pulling away slowly. "So. How about helping me?" Dean said with a devilish grin. This time it was Sam's turn to make a move. He pushed dean up against the wall and began to trail down his neck leaving light bruises and bite marks as he went. Dean moaned and grinded up against sam. Sam laughed. "Are we a little eager?" He mocked. Dean grabbed sam by his shirt and roughly pulled him up and looked into his soulless eyes. He blinked and his own eyes went completely black. "Yes." He growled as he walked towards the bed, Sam still clutched in his hands. "Undress. Now." He demanded. Sam didn't hesitate for a moment. Not even wasting time unbuttoning his plaid shirt. Instead he just tore it off his chest, sending buttons everywhere. They had both already finished undressing and all that remained were their boxers. Sam had a patch of dark hair peeking of the top of his. "On your knees." Dean said sternly, as he pulled his hard cock from his pants. Sam was actually turned on by Dean being this possessive. As he kneeled down Sam's bulge was easily seen through his boxers. "Open." Dean said. Sam obeyed and opened his mouth as wide as he could. Dean wrapped his fingers in Sam's hair and roughly thrusted into his awaiting mouth. Dean groaned as Sam swirled his tongue around Dean's tip. Dean began to move his cock in and out of sam warm and wet mouth slowly. Soon he was brutally throat fucking Sam. Sam moaned around Dean's. "God Sammy I'm so close." Dean growled. Sam pulled dean out of his mouth. "What the hell Sam?" Dean barked. Sam licked precome from his lips and pointed to the bed. "I want you to fuck me until I can't walk straight." Dean smirked. "I think I can manage that." He followed Sam over and threw him onto the bed. Dean bent down and kissed Sam's hip bone before pulling his boxer shorts all the way of his body. For a moment Dean just stood there and admired all of his little brother. Displayed in front of him completely vulnerable. Then an animalistic growl left Dean as he positioned himself at Sam's entrance. "Aren't you going to get some lube?" Sam asked. Dean laughed. "Not tonight pretty boy." And without warning he slammed into Sam. Sam yelled in pain. "DEAN! FUCK!" He gripped the bed sheets as Dean thrusted into him. It didn't take long for Sam to start enjoying himself. Dean was getting close he could tell. Dean was sucking and biting up his neck and his thrusts were getting faster and more frantic. "Ah fuck... Sammy I'm gonna. FUCK!" Dean yelled as he shoved into Sam one last time and stilled as he filled him with his hot seed. Sam began to rub his own cock. Within seconds he was shooting his load onto his hand and stomach. Sam groaned as Dean pulled out of him, cum spilling from his entrance. Dean decided he should probably clean up after himself. He bent down and began to clean out his seed from his brother's hole. He could hear his brother moan as his finished licking up the last of his cum. After he was done he laid down on the bed next to Sam, who was slowly tracing the cum he had left on his stomach. "See. Told you Sammy. You'd help me one way or another." Dean said as he fell asleep with his head on Sam's chest.

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