Wasteland City

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                                                                                         Wasteland City


Sliding the wall next to the door, I panted and breathed a sigh of relief. ‘That was to close’ I thought to myself. I jumped at the loud banging that started, along with the moans and growls of the zombies on the other side of the door. I quickly got to my feet and sprinted into the kitchen of this abandoned house and searched though the drawers looking for something, anything to protect myself. I dropped all of my weapons outside when I was being shot at. The loud sounds of gunfire drew the zombies to me and I took off without a second thought..


Now you’re probably wondering who the hell I am and what on Earth is going on! Like, how did I get into this awful situation of being trapped in this wretched place, well to start off I’d just like to let you know the city wasn’t always like this.   Despite the name of this city, Wasteland City, It started off a very nice place, almost everyone knew each other, crime rate was always very low and hardly anyone ever was mean to others.


I know it sounds odd, a city with no crime almost sounds too good to be true huh? Well, it was. A group of people were selected and put into an area that was sealed off to the rest of the community. I was one of the few people that got chosen, I guess it was just pure luck that I got selected to be one of the few. We used to watch the television; we saw everything that was happening to our once happy city. As we viewed our beloved city’s destruction, we ourselves where being monitored, none of knew why these people watched us. They jotted down notes as they watched our behavior.


For a while we panicked, nothing like that had happened before and we didn’t know what was going on, our families where out in the city so it was only normal for us to react like mad people.  It took a solid week, at least it seemed like a week, for us to come to terms with the fact we were being held there for a reason. We still didn’t fully understand hell we didn’t understand at all but there was no use driving ourselves crazy over it.


Well I wish we had stayed on alert and I wish we hadn’t let our guard down so easily, because as soon as we did the men ‘working’ there ordered us to separate rooms, once we had complied and went inside I remember scanning the room looking for some sign of anyone in the room. I saw nothing and sat on the cold steel chair in front of a steel table.


Someone had walked in through a different door than I had come in through and sat on the other side with papers. It was a woman; blonde looking around in her late 30’s to early 40’s, her blue eyes dull and pointed as she scanned through the papers. She glanced up at me a few times and nodded in approval.


“Leah Carter Steel” I jumped at her icy cold voice, not expecting her to speak. I nodded slowly and she continued “Daughter of Marie and John Steel correct?” I nodded again not finding my voice. She sighed clearly annoyed with my silence.  “21 years old, worked at a gun store with your father for most of your life” She continued, telling me everything I already knew about myself and about my life.



‘How does she know so much about me?’ I thought to myself, my eyebrows scrunching in confusion. Her cold voice snapped me out of my thoughts.



“Ms. Steel, I’m just going to cut to the chase since you are clearly not interested in me telling you your life story. Your parents volunteered you for our….little experiment” My brows furrowed


“What kind of experiment?” I asked her, talking for the first time since she entered.


“That’s not for me to say” She stated. Before I could ask more questions she stood. She handed me something. I grabbed it and examined it. It was a sliver chain that had two dog tags attached to it. Engraved on the tags were my name, age, and the number 89.


I looked at her in confusion. She told me to stand and I did. She walked towards the door she came in and I followed behind her. She led me down a hallway and to another door, she opened it and pushed me out.


 I fell to the ground the Dog Tags falling out of my hands.


The door slammed shut and her icy cold voice came through a speaker.

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