WICKED Academy

This fanfiction is based off the characters in The Maze Runner series and what I think it would be like if they were in a similar plot, but in high school.


3. Chapter 3

Thomas bolted into the school, not wanting to be late. He turned the hallway, and the short pudgy kid from earlier popped out right in front of him, almost giving him a heart attack. "Scared ya, didn't I? I'm Chuck. You're the newbie?" Chuck was young, Alby said he was only in seventh grade, probably meant he was still a kid. He seemed uncomfortable showing Thomas around. There was a scream, that came from down the hallway. Thomas ran to check it out, and it was coming from the nurses office. "What was that?" Thomas was already horrified of the place and he had only been at the school for thirty minutes. "Ben's in there, a little funked up in the head, if you know what I mean." Chuck wiggled his eyebrows at Thomas, making him feel even more uncomfortable than before. "Uhm, I don't know what you mean. Care to ellabortate?" "Ooh big words, prep. Well let's see here... we have these little- well not little- german shepard things to help the poor saps with the special needs. They comfort them, I guess. Ben thought it would be funny to mess around with one, and it bit him. Multiple times actually, even on the neck." Thomas cringed at the thought. "When he went to the nurse, she gave him some kind of ointment but I think it just made it worse because when I went in there when I had a nosebleed, he looked nasty. Don't even want to explain it." Thomas was still confused, but didn't want to ask questions so he just nodded. "I know you didn't understand that just from lookin' at ya." Chuck winked at him. "Please... never do that again." Thomas squirmed inside his blazer, and Chuck walked him to his first class. "Enjoy your first day, newbie! Have fun!" Chuck skipped down the hallway, which Thomas thought was a strange sight to see. Thomas walked into the room just as the bell rang, and fourty-two eyeballs stared right at him. "You're late." The teacher said, with disgust. His glasses hung low on his pointy nose. "But I got here right on time!" Thomas groaned, and took a seat in the front, which was the only seat available, next to some skinny kid he hadn't yet seen. The class had began immediately, and Thomas didn't even know what class he was in- so he took out a binder filled with blank paper. "Pop quiz, time!" The teacher swirled his fingers around in delight, and heaved a big stack of papers from a box. The pop quiz was only a page long, only on the front. When Thomas recieved his, he realized he was in History. He was good at History in his old school, and he assumed he would ace the quiz. Thomas pulled out a pencil from the packet Alby had given him, only to realize it wasn't sharpened. He got up to sharpen it, but his teacher just put him back into his seat with a shove on the shoulder. "You should really come prepared, Mr. Edgar." Thomas realized the man sort of had a rat-like face. He handed Thomas a mechanical pencil. "You have two minutes remaining to finish your quiz." He announced to the class, and everyone groaned. 1. What do you think about the new student, Thomas Edgar? A) Ugly B) Scrawny C) Nerdy D) All of the above Thomas was confused, and he shook his head to make sure he was seeing things correctly. 1. When was the civil war? A) Ukraine B) Sacramento C) New Mexico D) All of the above Thomas shook his head again, and the question and answers were still the same. "This doesn't make any sense!" Thomas said, louder than intended. "Mr. Edgar, if you are confused, skip the question and come back to it." The Ratman said, clearly annoyed. But Thomas was just as annoyed, he skimmed the page and the rest of the questions were all just as insane as the first. He went down the page, filling in the bubble for random answers, and as he filled in the last bubble, Ratman snatched up his paper leaving a streak down the page. "Thomas, you can only fill in ONE bubble. If you are unsure of a question, just guess!" Everyone else in the class snickered at Thomas. Ratman rolled his eyes at Thomas. It was his first day and he already hated his first teacher. The class continued on, learning things just as strange as before. Thomas decided to just go along with it, he didn't want to make anything worse than it already was. The bell had finally rang, and Thomas was happy to rush out of there. He saw Chuck, and grabbed the back of his hood. "What the fuck is wrong with this school?" Thomas wasn't too excited about his first day. "Whoa, whoa, newbie! Your newbiness is showing. You can't cuss. That's why we got our own words. Say shuck." "Shuck?" "Shuck." "Fine. What the shuck is wrong with this school? You happy? This is insane. That teacher is insane!" "Rattrine? I know, man. I've never had him but he seems pretty crazy. Don't worry, things will get worse. It's only your first day." Chuck ran off down the hallways. Thomas felt even worse, and he could assume that was probably true.
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