WICKED Academy

This fanfiction is based off the characters in The Maze Runner series and what I think it would be like if they were in a similar plot, but in high school.


2. Chapter 2

The boy had a group of his friends behind him, all holding out there hands to shake them. They all seemed much nicer than the other group of people he had encountered just moments before. Thomas brushed a hair off his blazer, and continued to shake hands, while observing the large school which could pass as a small college. The rude boys from earlier pointed and snickered at him, and there was quite a few of them laughing at him, while others tried to introduce themselves and be nice. They were all different ages, sizes, races. They all were different. The school stood tall, but Thomas couldn't estimate how tall. A large school crest was painted above the front doors of the school. "Look at the newby," a deeper, scratchy voice said. "Gonna break his shuck neck checkin' out the place." A few of the boys who insulted Thomas earlier laughed. "Shut your face, Gally," an even deeper voice had said. It was the boy who had secondly introduced himself. The boy was tall, with shaggy blonde hair. He had a smug look on his face. He had to be a junior at the most. There was a short and pudgy boy with curly red hair, looking up at Thomas. He was maybe a sixth or seventh grader. A tall asian kid with biceps popping out of his blazer had folded arms as he glared at Thomas. A dark-skinned boy was looking at the one named Gally with disgust. He was the one who introduced himself first. "Hi." Thomas plainly said. It was the first thing he'd said since he'd arrived. "So this is my new school?" "Ain't nothin' great about it, newby. Why don't you chill it?" This was the boy who had first introduced himself, who had seemed nice at first, but Thomas had second feelings about that. "Which clique you think he's gonna end up in?" "None good. He looks like a nerd to me." Thomas was confused. At all his other old schools, no one had been so rude to him on his first day. No one was ever in cliques and everyone was usually friends with everyone else. "Shut your face! Or after school I'll meet you in the gym and pound your shuck-face in." The dark-skinned boy said. Must be the super popular dude or something. Thomas thought. A bell had rung, and many boys shuffled inside the school, and Thomas tried to make a run for it too, so he wouldn't be late on his first day, but the nicer group of boys merged over to block him. "Calm down, newby. That ain't nothin' but the first warning bell. We still got ten minutes. You actin' like you've never been to school before." The boy who had talked the most, continued to talk to Thomas. Thomas realized the one named Gally was giving him some dirty looks from far away, but when Thomas gave one back, Gally just laughed and entered the school. "Newbies always get the tour on their first day. Tell you what- Newt'll give you a tour of the place." The tall blonde waved. "I'm Alby. I'm the student body president of this shuck school. This is the council." He gestured at the other boys that were in the group. "I'm the junior class president." The boy named Newt said. Newt is sort of a strange name. "Welcome to Wicked Academy! We are the Wicked Wahoos! Our school was founded in blah blah blah!" Newt sounded very bored with the speech he was most likely required to give. "We clearly do not have enough time for this tour. Get here bloody early, would you? Or stay after school today." "What's your name?" Alby asked. "Thomas." "You gotta last name?" Alby raised an eyebrow. "Not legally." Thomas squirmed in his blazer and tried to readjust his backpack. Alby reached into his own backpack, and handed Thomas a packet. "Thomas Edgar. Here's all your stuff. Scheduale, a map, a few pens and pencils, some contact information in case you're too stupid to understand the packet, and possibly some inappropriate drawings. Some of the kids here are still immature." Alby circles a name on the contact list. "That's Chuck. He's gonna be like your little assistant. He's just in seventh grade, came here last year, but he knows this place pretty well. Take his advice." Another bell rang just at the end of Alby's last words, and the whole group shuffled towards the school, leaving Thomas in the courtyard: confused and now, alone.
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