Dont you dare....

Ally hemmings ends falling for one of the members but he brother Luke doesn't allowed it


2. we shouldn't have done that

Luke's pov

I hope she doesn't like Ashton

"hey Luke" Ashton said

"What?" I snapped

"Sorry..." He said feeling bad

"No I'm sorry" I said

"I shouldn't have not snapped at you I'm just stressed" I finished

Ally's pov

I wen down stairs and sawed Ashton we instantly met. Luke looked at me then Ashton I broke the glaze. I can't be falling for him not now Luke will be mad. Luke got up and pushed by me and didn't even look at me. He slammed his door. Shit he's mad at me. I felt tears in my eyes and ran to my room after about 5 minutes all the boys but Luke was in my room Ashton couldn't even look at me great he's mad at me too.

"Are you okay" Michael said

"No Luke is mad at me and..." I didn't dare finish all I did was look at Ashton

All the boys looked at Ashton

"You should talk to Luke" Calum said

"Okay I will" I said all the boys walked out but Ashton

He walked over and pulled me into a hug

"I will never be mad at you" he whispered in my ear then he kissed me cheek and I blushed I looked be hind him Luke was there furious.

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