Dont you dare....

Ally hemmings ends falling for one of the members but he brother Luke doesn't allowed it


4. secret

Ally pov

I layer there looking at the ceiling it's been about 1 week seen that all happened.

Ashton, Michael and Calum are coming over today I really to want to face anyone I got up and did my hair and everything else.

There was a knock on the door. I went to the living room seeing him. Ashton. Out eyes met then Luke waved his arm in front of me.

"Stop looking at Ashton" he said

"Sorry" is all i said

Ashton's pov

As we sat there talking about future music, ally was there for some reason. Then a next

Unknown - it's me ally ;)

Ashton- if Luke sees he's going to kill you :)

Ally- no bad lol I have a idea so we can see each other

Ashton - which is? X

Ally- see each other secretly

Ashton- perfect ;) xx

Then Luke kept looking back and forth

"Ashton what do u think" Calum said

"Good idea" I sad not evening paying attention

That night

Ally pov

The boys were spending then night Ashton texted me and said I will get a visited by him when like is sleeping so I can't wait I laid in bed






Then my door opened it was Ashton

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