Dont you dare....

Ally hemmings ends falling for one of the members but he brother Luke doesn't allowed it


1. Meeting

I'm Ally Hemmings yes Luke's younger sister but only by a few minutes I'm his twin.

"Hey ally" Luke called from down stairs

"What" I said walking down

"My band is going to be here any minute now be good and no flirting with them" he said

I just rolled my eyes

A hour or 2 later there was 3 boys + Luke in the living room there was one with black hair and brown eyes I think there was one with green hair and green eyes I believe and the last one he really cute

He had brown hair and brown eye an dimples.

"Oh hi I'm Ashton" he said

"I'm ally" I said the one with the green hair came up to me

"Damn you look Like Luke I'm Michael" he said

"Ally" I said again

The last one came up

"Hey ally I'm Calum" he said

"Hey" I said

Luke's pov

I hope she doesn't I like any of the boys but then I sawed her staring at Ashton of course she falls for the drummer!! Ashton you better not even think about getting with her!

Ally pov

Luke looked mad like really mad

A/n working on 2 now so please don't get upset with I can't update both bye penguins~ isabella

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