Dont you dare....

Ally hemmings ends falling for one of the members but he brother Luke doesn't allowed it


6. Fire

Lukes pov

I walked in ally's room and sawed Ashton sleeping next to ally. My fist balled I got angry I pulled ash out of her bed and threw punches at him his lip started to bleed ally kept pulling at my stomach but it did work

"Luke stop please" she said almost crying so I stopped

"U need to stop seeing him hot it

"Fine" she said broke down

Michaels pov

we heard crying and screaming

So I stopped cooking and left the stove on me and cal ran up stairs. Luke was screaming at ash and ally. The fire alarm went off I ran down stairs and the whole kitchen was on fire.

Ally pov

The boys ran down the stairs to get out the house but I got trapped. I heard coughing it was ash

"Come one babe" I started walked towards him he picked me up and ran

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