Nicola Andrews, a city girl from New York, is horrified when she is sent to her Grandma and Granddad's cattle farm for Summer. Dirty cows, ugly clothes, disgusting farm jobs, and her cousin. Will Nicola learn to accept her new surroundings, become friends with her cousin, and discover that there may be more to the world than what meets the eye?


1. Bad news

"But Mom!" I whine.

"No buts Nicola, you're going to that farm whether you like it or not!" My mum tells me. One minute I was happily walking in the door from my last day of the term, ready for a Summer Vacation full of sleepovers, tragic TV shows, and sleep ins. The next, my own mother drops a bomb on me that will change all that. I am doomed to go to my Granny and Granddad's stupid cattle farm in New Zealand. Ugh. All meanwhile my Mom and Dad will be relaxing all day on a super expensive, adults only cruise. I scream something about my life being cruddy and not fair, and stomp into my room, slamming the door behind me. I pull out my purple cellphone and speed dial my very best friend Hannah Maxwell. My special ringtone rings and she picks up straight away. "Hey Nic, what's up?" She says cheerfully on the other end of the phone line. I swallow, and clear my throat, "Bad news." I say.


I tell her the whole story, and it makes me feel slightly better. When I'm finished Hannah is silent. "Well?" I ask. "What do you think?" Hannah sounds just as annoyed as me when I found out. "But Nic! We were gonna have so much fun this Summer! Can't you just tell your mom you don't want to?"

"Well I tried to! But she just said that I'm going whether I like it or not. And anyway, it's too late to cancel their cruise." I explain. She groans.

"Nicola!" My mum yells.

"Hold on a sec Hannah." I say into the phone before covering it with my hand. "Yeah Mom?!" I yell back. "Nicola get off the phone. Your flight leaves tomorrow, You have to pack!" She shouts from downstairs. "UGHHH!" I groan and take my hand away from my phone. "I'll call you back Hannah, my Mom wants me to pack." I sigh.

"Okay, cya Nic." She replies and mumbles something about killing me if I don't call every five minutes. Then she hangs up. I climb off my double bed and trudge down the stairs. "Nicola?!" My Mom yells again.

"I'm COMING Mom! I whinge, and continue down the stairs.


I grab my suitcase and roll it back to my room. I dig into my closet and collect an armful of clothes. "This could take a while." I think and grab my laptop, shoving it into the front pocket of my suitcase.

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