Only A Dream..


Alix's POV:
Collage is a big step in life, as my dad would say right now. I'm only here for the party's and shit, I didn't really want to come here in the first place. But you can't always have your own way, but making this decision was the best decision I've ever made, it all stared with a handsome face....


3. Chapter 2

Charlie's POV

Me and Alix have been friends since we were little. our mums were in school together and are still friends now, her ad has always looked out for me. hes like a second dad, he wants me and Alix to do the best in this collage. since we left school her dad has mentioned this collage, its been argument after argument with Alix and her dad. 

when we got into the reception area, me and Alix sat down on the sofas when her dad did all the apparent work. it took about 5 minutes until he came back, giving us 3 room keys for our room.

"here you go girls, a lady will show you too your room, Alix be nice" Alix's dad said pointing 'the finger' at her.

" yeah thanks dad you may go now" Alix said slumped in her chair.

"Alix your going to enjoy it, i know you will" her dad said

"you whatever, dad go get this lady because i want to go to our room and have a look around" she snapped 

"good day girls! im Katie and im going to show you to your room. you have a week to settle in before you start courses" A blonde lady thats about 29 said walking up to us

i could see the look in Alix's face and it looked like she wanted to punch this woman. 

all the way to our room this Katie person was telling us stuff about this place. but i couldn't stop laughing at Alix, she was just taking the piss out of everyone we went past. Katie was getting annoyed but she didnt give a shit.

down the corridor of our room she was kicking and dragging her stuff with her. she clearly wanted to go home already as she has to be independent here which she isn't used too.

Alix wasnt up for Katie's shit so she got her key and went into our room and slammed the door in her face.

"umm ok, i hope you have a goo-" 

"yeah yeah byeeee" and i did the same thing as Alix did. i closed the door, and just seconds later there was a knock.

"eeggghhhhhhhh" i yelled stomping back to the door

"Katie fuck o-......" oh god, jesus, christ kill me now.

"og god im sooooo sorry i thought you where that Katie person" i said to the prettiest boys ive ever seen

"oh its ok we did the same, shes got on everyone's nerves" pretty boy no.1 said

"aha yeah i bet, hi im Charlotte but call me Charlie"

"hi im Zac and this one is Dave" Zac said, why was Dave staring? "is it just you or?" he said after

"no, im with my best mate Alix. ALIX COME HERE"

"fuck off!" fuck my life Alix you dont understand!

"she sounds nice...."

"oh she is, she just doesn't want to be here"

"oh i see, well come over anytime"

"yeah see you around" i said as they went to the room opposite us 



"11 out of 10 my friend"

as i said that she ran out the door.


Alix's POV

Charlie better not be fucking me about about boys. i knocked on the door and........oh my fucking god

"yes?" this lad said, i couldnt get my words out. just then the other lad came to the door, oh my life im in love

*stares for a few seconds*

"yes, ok, im done now, thank you bye!" i ran back to my door and looked though the peep hole to see if they where still looking. oh my god im AM going to like it here.



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