8:15 | Niall Horan

"I know I get too attached."


2. Chapter Two

24 missed calls, 11 text messages and 3 incoming voicemails. Dozens of notifications bombarded the once innocent lock screen of my phone, startling me, as I'd only glanced at my mobile to check the time. Quickly sliding my finger across the touchscreen, I unlocked my device, slightly worried at the commotion. Realising every single message was left by Niall, I began to relax slightly, the goose bumps on my body calming.

I'm bored.

You know what that means, right?

Come over baby girl.

I need you.

I want to feel you.

Come get underneath me babe.

I stopped scrolling through his endless, horny, messages and began to towel-dry my hair. I'd previously decided to have a prolonged shower, to clear my head, so I hadn't been able to answer any calls or messages. I was standing in my apartment's dining room, when a FaceTime call from Niall appeared on my screen, which I graciously accepted. I'd only just changed into my underwear, however it honestly didn't matter, Niall had certainly seen more of me than I had of myself.

"Finally!" Niall yelled, which only caused my laughter to flow through the iPhone's microphone. I gazed at the screen, a small rectangular box holding Niall's tiresome looking face, which inevitably fuelled my laughter.

"Oh." Niall bit the soft skin of his lip, releasing a prolonged breath, once he saw my preferred clothing choice. "This old thing?" I questioned, raised eyebrows as I stared at my bra,

"Good point, Ni, I don't like it either. I'll just take it off." I smirked, achieving the exact reaction from Niall as I'd planned, his eyes bulging as he stared at the camera, titling his head slightly to get a better view.

"I'm not satisfied, can't you come over?" Niall moaned, deep breaths escaping his dry throat once he acknowledged the fact that i was only flirtatiously joking with my previous statement, much to his displeasure. 

"Sure, but I'm not in the mood to do much. Let's just watch a film! I'll see you in 5, babe." I smirked, popping off my bra, my chest fully exposed to the camera, my heart racing, before I quickly ended the call. I chuckled to myself, God, I was such a tease. 

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