8:15 | Niall Horan

"I know I get too attached."


1. '8:15, that's our time.'

"8:15, that's our time." Niall outwardly groaned, releasing a series of prolonged, raspy breaths.

"What?" I mumbled, my lips sucking tenderly on his chest, leaving numerous purple bruises.

"Everyday we do this." Niall paused, biting his lip as his back arched, "Always at 8:15."

"Well, I guess it is our time." I breathed, my hot exhales falling on Niall's bare chest. It was slow today. We were both tired, and everything we'd done lacked any speed.

"I miss the old 'us'." Niall whispered, his breaths increasing gradually as my finger nails traced above his pubic hairs. I reminisced in the past times, when me and Niall were truly the best of friends. We still were, in ways, but we were something more. Never, would we become a couple, there wasn't and would never be that kind of attraction between us. It was just... One day, we decided we could help each other. We both craved sex, as most adolescents do, so we just decided that we should embrace our humanity and give each other the pleasure that we both so desperately wanted. We'd agreed that there'd be no strings attached, nor emotions, and most importantly of all; it was a secret. Not even any of our closest friends knew what we did together, until the early hours of the morning, every night from 8:15 onwards. They'd never, not even in the slightest, condone it. For, before we'd decided to do this regularly, we were like siblings. Consider it wrong, as you most likely will, but we both sought the pleasure from it. Realising I'd drifted off into thought, Niall muttered, smirking,

"But I quite like the new 'us'." He continued, I released a soft moan: I revelled deeply in any kind of arousing comments or, as Niall called it, 'dirty talk'. It just left me feeling stimulated.

"As do I." I agreed, "But I don't like it when you're like this. You're being so sloppy." I winked gently, I knew this kind of comment would spur him on. He'd want to prove me wrong, most certainly.

"Excuse me?" He growled, his lips skimming my earlobe, "I can make you scream louder than anyone else ever could." I felt my core soak at his dirty, unruly words.

"Prove me wrong." I encouraged, shifting our positions so that I was now underneath his muscular build.

"Are you sure you're not just saying this to get a reaction out of me?" Niall winked playfully, he knew exactly what I was doing.

"Maybe." I gasped, as his head rested between my thighs. My whole body beginning to convulse. Only he could make me feel this way, give me such great pleasure.

"Well," Niall's soft hair brushed the inside of my thighs as he looked up at me from underneath his long lashes, "it sure worked." Just as he commented that, I felt his tongue flick out. Pleasuring me more than I could ever imagine. And, with that, we got started- just as we would always do.

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