Harry Potter and the Guy with the Blue Box

This is a story about the Doctor and Harry Potter, who meet after the TARDIS crash lands at Hogwarts. This is my first ever fan-fic so feedback would be great.


5. Attack of the Vinegar

"First we need some vinegar," the Doctor muttered, mainly to himself, but McGonagall answered anyway.

"I know where we can find some, this way," she turned sharply right, the Doctor and every else followed. After a while Harry noticed they had turned onto the Gargoyle Corridor. "Sherbet lemon," McGonagall announced to the stone gargoyle. The staircase emerged and they all ascended it, into Professor Dumbledore's office. It was a strange circular room, it was beautiful. Dumbledore's head shot up and he quickly concealed something, but Harry couldn't quite see it.

"Enjoying your early morning chips there Professor?" McGonagall joked. "I'm afraid we are going to have to steal your vinegar, as this young man over here," she pointed to the Doctor, "has released a monster into the castle, supposedly by accident and it can only be killed with...vinegar." Dumbledore looked confused but didn't object when McGonagall took the silver flask, which obviously contained the vinegar. "I'll explain later, as we only have..."

"17 minutes," Hermione announced.

"So we better be off to find this monster, if it's even still in school," she said, shooting a glare at the Doctor. They all quickly exited, leaving Dumbledore looking incredibly confused. They scurried down the corridor and when they reached the end they stopped. "We need to split up. I'll go with Ron-"

"Bloody hell," Ron grunted.

"Language Weasley! Hermione, you're with Harry."

"I object," Ron interrupted. "How come they get to go together and I'm stuck with..."

"Not getting jealous of Potter are you Weasley?" McGonagall teased. Ron glared at her and Hermione blushed. "Doctor you go with River." They split in three different directions. The Doctor and River were heading back towards the Gryffindor common room, checking every crack and dip in the walls. Of course, the slitheen wouldn't be able to fit in any of them but it was worth checking.

"How long do you reckon we have?" River asked.

"Not long enough," he replied.


"Harry we only have 15 minutes!" Hermione whispered as they walked past the Ravenclaw common room.

"Yes, I know Hermione!" Harry half-shouted. "Sorry."

"It's alright," Hermione replied, "I just could never live with myself if it killed someone," Hermione said, as her eyes filled with tears, but she gulped them away.

"Hermione it's not going to kill anyone," Harry said, trying to reassure her, even though he knew he couldn't guarantee that. "Hey, I bet you wouldn't feel bad if it killed Draco." That made Hermione laugh.


"Keep up Weasley! Stop dawdling!" McGonagall squawked at Ron. He was too tired for this, he just wanted to sleep. He quickened his pace momentarily, but his body screamed in protest. Just as he was about to stop completely, he heard a blood-curdling scream.


She was screaming so loudly, she was praying someone would hear but she had a feeling when they found her it would be too late. She had to duck out of the way when it swung it's claw at her. They looked so sharp. She had never been so scared in her life. Her body was trembling and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her palms were bleeding from where her nails had dug in from her holding her hands in fists so tightly. 'I'm going to die' she thought. She thought of her parents and she felt sick rising up her throat, she swallowed hard and ducked again just in time to escape the green beast's claw. She was backed into a corner and she just knew she wasn't going to escape. She saw someone come out of the common room but she couldn't see who.

"Help!" She screamed at him. "Please help me!" Whoever it was grabbed a chair and hit the monster on the head, but it just caused it to turn on him. Someone else came out of the common room. "Get your wand!" She screamed at him. She then realised that the first boy who had come out to help her was Neville. Now the monster was turning on him and it raised one big ugly claw and she did the only thing she could think of to stop it. She jumped onto the fat, slimy, not to mention smelly arm of the monster. It tried to throw her off but she held on so tightly it hurt every muscle in her body. She saw Neville scramble to his feet as he grabbed the beast's other arm, rendering it useless. This really riled it up. It violently shook them both off, causing her to hit her head on the wall. She felt like her skull had split in half. The creature was stumbling towards her, claw raised, when she heard someone coming up the stairs.

"Lavender!" She heard Hermione shout. She heard a splash and then a sizzling sound and through her blurred vision she could see the beast turn to face Hermione and...was that Harry? Yes, it must've been. Someone was coming up behind them. They threw something at the animal. It seemed to be in pain.

"It's still not enough!" She heard someone say. They all turned to look behind them when they heard footsteps. "Ron hurry up and throw it!" The last thing she remembered was seeing the monster explode. Then, she blacked out completely.

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