Harry Potter and the Guy with the Blue Box

This is a story about the Doctor and Harry Potter, who meet after the TARDIS crash lands at Hogwarts. This is my first ever fan-fic so feedback would be great.


3. Accidents Happen

Harry shut the door behind him as quietly as possible, then he and Ron shuffled down the corridor, constantly checking for any professors roaming around the darkened school, which seemed much less welcoming at night than it did during day. Had they not walked these corridors a hundred times before late at night, they might have been scared, but they weren't. At this point in their Hogwarts experience they had snuck out more times than they could remember, rarely getting caught. Harry noticed someone stick their head out of their dorm further ahead. He nudged Ron and they both froze. Then they realised it was Hermione and they both let their shoulders relax. Hermione slowly tip-toed towards them.

"Where on earth are you two going?" She whispered in a barely audible whisper.

"To see Hagrid," Harry replied, in a not quite so quiet whisper. "You coming?" Hermione took a minute to contemplate and then nodded so the three of them tip-toed further along the corridor in their pyjamas and slippers. Eventually they got to the staircase that lead down to the common room. Harry went first, checking that no one was in the common room. He signalled to Ron and Hermione that the coast was clear and they all proceeded into the common room and Harry opened the secret book case door and they all stepped in, making sure to close it fully.

"Lumos!" Harry whispered as a ball of light appeared at the end of his wand which lit up the long, seemingly endless, grey brick tunnel.


The Doctor heard the door close to his left and he slipped out from under Ron's bed, River did the same and they both brushed the dust off of them.

"I can't believe they genuinely expected me to hide under a bed for goodness knows how long," the Doctor muttered to himself as he walked around the room, rifling through Harry and Ron's textbooks and other belongings for a couple of minutes while River inspected the intricately carved wood posts on the beds. "So isn't this wierd...we are in Hogwarts!" He continued, turning to River with a grin on his face. She too was smiling, and despite her lack of interest in Harry Potter she had to admit this was a pretty interesting trip. "Of all the wizards we could've met, we met Harry Potter!" The Doctor was sounding like an over-excited child now. "This'll be a story for the grandkids." River laughed.

"To have grandchildren you have to have children first sweetie," River joked.

"Yes...well...obviously it was metaphorically speaking." He mumbled spinning to inspect a box of some kind of confectionary, frog confectionary he assumed from the packaging.

Suddenly they heard shuffling and footsteps and they both dived under a bed. The Doctor heard a door open, but he expected it to be the door on his left...it wasn't, it was the door on his right. The TARDIS door. He saw the invisibility cloak fall to the ground and he saw a single green foot step out of the TARDIS. The slitheen egg had hatched! River shot a look at the Doctor. His sonic screwdriver had said that the egg wasn't due to hatch for another 72 hours! 'Stupid unpredictable slitheen!' The Doctor thought.

"What do we do now?" River mouthed from across the room.

"Wait," the Doctor mouthed back. Both of them could hear the green monster clawing at the door handle, they were both tense and forcing themselves to not breath. The Doctor was praying that a slitheen this young didn't have the superior sense of smell possessed by the rest of his race as he hadn't developed on Raxacoricofallapatorius with his family. Eventually the slitheen managed to open the door and he left the dorm, leaving the door wide open. The Doctor and River waited until they could no longer hear his shuffling to crawl out from under the beds and the Doctor shut the door as quietly as possible, so that they could not be heard by the slitheen.

"What are we going to do Doctor?" River asked, fear splashed across her face, even though she was trying to hide it. The Doctor knew it wasn't her own life she was fearing for, but rather the lives of the hundreds of children sleeping in their dormitories, oblivious to the evil green being walking the corridors.


They started walking down the tunnel as quickly as possible. Harry had a bad feeling about leaving those two alone in his dormitory and he wanted to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Ron was a bit creeped out by the strange guy in the bow tie, but his wife was very attractive, and her long curly hair was beautiful. Hermione had noticed the way Ron was leering at the lady and it annoyed her. She couldn't work out whether this was because she was an incredibly strong feminist and didn't appreciate leering under any circumstance or whether it was because she was jealous. Who was she kidding? She wasn't jealous, it was Ron for goodness sake! Five minutes later they arrived at the ladder that lead up to the trap door. They went up one at a time, Harry first and Hermione last. Once Hermione had emerged they shut the trap door and stumbled over the uneven ground towards the hut. Smoke was spiralling out of the chimney and they could smell Hagrid's putrid cooking. Harry gently knocked on the door and they heard his gruff voice calling them in. Harry opened the creaking door and stuck his head around the door.

"Oh, it's you," he said with suprise. They all sat down at Hagrid's table, while Hagrid walked towards them and sat down between Ron and Harry. "What do you lot want?" He asked.

"Well...funny story..." Ron started.

"A spaceman crash landed in their dormitory and he cannot leave for another 5 and a half hours, lessons start in two hours and we can't leave them in the dormitory or take them to lessons with us because either way they'll be caught and we'll be in an awful lot of trouble!" Hermione said, panic creeping into her voice.

"Why don't you just give 'em the invisibility cloak?" Hagrid asked, quite sensibly really considering he was Hagrid.

"We had to use that for his spaceship," Harry replied, rubbing his eyes. Having been woken up so early, he was fairly exhausted. The sun was starting to rise, which meant they only had half an hour to work out a plan before everyone else would wake up.

"Oh, well, I really don't know what to say, if you talk to one of the professors I'm sure they'll understand, i mean it's not-" Hagrid was cut off by a violent sounding knock at the door.


"What on earth are we going to do now?" River whispered angrily, in a way that almost came out as a hiss. The Doctor didn't reply because the truth was, he didn't know what to do. The sun was rising which meant they probably didn't have long until the corridors were bustling with students. "I think we should find Harry, him and his mates are always killing monsters."

"Yes," the Doctor agreed. "I need something with his DNA on it" he mumbled, so quietly he was surprised River heard. He handed him a hairbrush, which he scanned with his sonic screwdriver. Now he had to scan for the source of the DNA and hopefully it would lead them to Harry. First though, they had to get out of the dormitory without being brutally murdered by the slitheen, which was going to be difficult, as he could still be standing in the corridor. The Doctor opened the door a crack and scanned the corridor, which was only just light enough to make out. There was no slitheen so the Doctor and River edged out onto the corridor as quietly as possible. They reached a staircase which the sonic was telling them to go down. The Doctor went first, checking for any slitheen. He didn't see the slitheen, but on the left side of the room the door to the common room was open. He gently strolled across the room in the direction the sonic was indicating. Then he walked into a bookcase. "So apparently Harry's in the bookcase." River pushed past the Doctor and opened the bookcase like a door, because that's what it was, a door. They stepped into the dark tunnel, which was barely visible once they had shut the door. They had to shuffle along so they didn't walk into anything. Eventually the Doctor walked into a ladder, something River found greatly amusing. They both cautiously climbed up it, trying not to fall in the dark, while the Doctor fumbled around looking for the next step, his head hit something. It opened slightly. It was a trap door. The Doctor pushed it fully open and climbed out. As River was climbing out the Doctor was walking towards a hut, that smelt of puke and rotten cabbage. The sonic said Harry was here so the Doctor knocked maybe a bit too harshly. The door opened just a margin and a large eye was looking down at the Doctor.

"Who are you? What d'ya want?" Hagrid asked him.

"Um...I'm looking for Harry, you're Hagrid, yes? He said he was coming here." The door opened more and the Doctor could see Harry, Ron and Hermione sitting round a table.

"It's alright Hagrid, let them in," the Doctor heard Harry say.

"Thanks," the Doctor said, entering the hut. "I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem...." The wizards looked at the Doctor expectantly. "See, we kind of, maybe, might've just let a murderous alien loose in your school."

"You did what!?" Hermione exclaimed. Shock and fear were consuming her face. She went slightly pale and glanced at Ron and Harry, then back at the Doctor. "What are you going to do?"

"Good question, I can defeat it, with vinegar," he started.

"Vinegar!?" Ron spluttered, looking completely bewildered.

"Don't make me explain, anyway, it's fairly easy as there's only one of them, but we have to act quickly before everyone wakes up, otherwise it will start killing." The Doctor tried to smile at them but then he realised this really wasn't the time.

"We have 27 minutes," Hermione said, glaring at the Doctor.

"That's plenty of time right?" Asked Ron. "Right guys?" He was out of his chair now. "If we leave now we can do it, come on!"

"Haven't you got anything to say for yourself!?" Hermione half-shrieked at River, who so far had let the Doctor do the talking, something that happened very rarely.

"Accidents happen, I guess," River replied, with a grin.

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