Fake Love. || H. S.

She's a model. He's a singer. They want absolutely nothing to do with each other. Forced to love each other on-screen, and slowly off-screen. Very, very, very slowly.

"I loathe him."

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5. stutter.

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              Harry's POV


              It was the day after the horrid meetup with Serenity. I really didn't know what had come over me that made me do such things as call her 'babe' and even go so far as to holding her hand. Whether if it was to make our "relationship" look more believable, or to make the desperate waiter back off, it was still weird. I was upstairs of my flat, putting on a pair of football shorts and grabbing my black Nike duffel bag, putting in a towel, gloves, water bottle, small snack, i.e. a flapjack, and other necessities needed to go to the gym were stuffed into my bag. I grabbed my phone, stuck my wallet in my bag as well, and jogged down the spiral steps, taking the lift downstairs and outside. I stepped into my car, starting the ignition and driving off towards my gym.




            When I finally reached the gym, a familiar chrome Aston Martin was parked. I inwardly groaned, crossing my fingers and hoping it wasn't the She-devil. I swung my bag over my shoulder and climbed out of my car, saying a quick hello to one of the trainers who were outside having a smoke. Once I walked in, the scent of sweat and determination filled my nostrils. To my right was the reception desk, where the slut of the gym, Izara, was leaning against, talking to the receptionist, a wicked guy named Chad. I nodded in respect at Chad after he had done so previously, and Izara turned, smirking and walking towards me. I tried to escape and walk around her, but when she gripped onto my shoulders, pulling herself close to my body, I knew she wasn't going to let go any time soon. Izara was gorgeous, I had to admit that. She was fit, didn't cake her face, had a natural tan, and naturally brown coloured hair, but the only thing that made her annoying was her fake personality, and her actions.

         "Hello there, Hare," Izara said seductively, bringing her face closer to mine. I backed away, saying an awkward,

          "Hey," I attempted to get out of the situation, doing so successfully after I said, "I have to go. I have training to do." 

          "We'll continue this later," Izara said, caressing my shoulder sensually. "And maybe even more..." Izara left it at that, walking away, swinging her hips side to side in a not so subtle manner. She no doubt had everyone's eyes-but mine. I rolled my eyes, running my fingers through my hair, continuing to walk to the back of the centre, throwing a quick 'hello' here and there, along with motivation towards others that were working out. I finally arrived at the back room, where 3 rings were set up, 2 of them already filled, the last one with a single girl in it. I walked to the side of the rings, sitting on the mat and stretching so I wouldn't pull a muscle while training. I stood and threw some air punches before stepping into the ring with who I guessed to be my guest trainer for the day. I pulled on my gloves, bumping fists with the girl that was in the ring with me, and I put in my mouth guard. I tried to see who it was, failing as she threw the first punch to my abdomen, knocking a bit of air out of me.

       Damn, this girl can really pack a punch, I thought, blocking my face, And she's fit, was my second thought after I examined her well-toned stomach, with tight calves and good-sized biceps and triceps. I dodged an uppercut she was about to give me, taking her down into a gogoplata, which is simply a shin choke. I spaced out as I saw a glimpse of her hazel eyes. With one swift move, she did a rear naked choke on me, which was enough to make me tap out. We were both obviously worn out, and I finally got a good chance to look at her face, and it seemed at the same moment she realised who she was fighting.

     "What is this fuckery?" Serenity asked, more to herself than me. Grunts were heard around us, and we awkwardly stood there. 

      "How long have you been coming to this gym?" I asked her, scratching the back of my neck. She laughed softly.

       "This is practically my gym," Serenity said. I raised an eyebrow, shaking my head/

       "I've been coming for a while. I've never seen you here before."

        "I could say the same to you," She explained, "But I've been here since the beginning. My father owns this gym. Along with others, but this is my main one." I nodded, suppressing my fascination. 

        "Well..." I said quietly, "You're pretty good at MMA. How long have you been training?" I asked her.

         "Since I was about..." She thought, "Four years old. My dad was in the fighting industry, and he wanted me to go the same way. But I kick-box too, so it's not just mixed martial arts." This time, I couldn't hold back my show of interest, saying,

         "You're a model, fighter, what else?"

         "A musician." I groaned after she said this. 

         "Spoiled bitch." I muttered, but apparently not quiet enough for her to not hear me.

         "What the fuck did you just call me?"

         "Di-di-did I stutter?" Serenity punched me solidly on my jaw, with my mouth-guard out of my mouth. So you can only imagine what that felt like.

          She scoffed, walking out of the ring, turning back once to say,


          "Don't fucking judge me, Styles."


a/n: I wonder who's the over-heated model in this chapter... how was it?

btw, if you were wondering how I knew the names to those moves, I'm actually a kickboxer and am in mma, so...

I'm an expert. hah- just kidding. I'm really not an expert. but I do know: self-defence sports is life. kudos to the ones who are in sports. sports in general is life.

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