Fake Love. || H. S.

She's a model. He's a singer. They want absolutely nothing to do with each other. Forced to love each other on-screen, and slowly off-screen. Very, very, very slowly.

"I loathe him."

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3. shoes.

a/n: the deal... oh- written in...


        Harry's POV


        I was having a nice meet-up with a few of my friends until Simon had called me, demanding that I had to come to this meeting. I groaned, but complied anyway, saying goodbye's to my friends and racing off to the studio. I had no problem finding a spot to park, driving over to park in my designated area, where a familiar chrome Aston Martin was parked next to my spot. I brought my phone with me, locking my car and walking into the lift. It took me up to the seventieth floor. I sighed softly, walking out and down the hall to a business room. In the room sat Simon, a few other people from management, and a familiar-gorgeous-girl. Her dirty blonde hair fell in front of her eye, and she slightly pursed her full pink lips, looking down at her phone. The door shut loudly behind me, frightening a bit of the people in the room. 

       The girl met my eyes, and a slight look of disgust crossed over her face. I took in her facial features, and my mind instantly went back to the night of the party at the Jenners'. I sneered at her as I had done at the party, and took my seat by the window, propping my feet up on top of the table. Simon pushed my feet off, and I groaned, resting my elbows on my knees. 

       "Could we please get on with this thing? I have things to do," I spoke in an annoyed tone. Simon cleared his throat and said,

       "Harry, this is Serenity. Serenity, this is-"

       "We've met," Serenity and I said in unison. We met eyes again, glaring at each other for a good awkward ten seconds before breaking eye contact. Simon clapped once, and I glanced over at him, watching as he shared a nice big smile. I ran a finger through my hair, watching Serenity out the corner of my eye, seeing as she looked down at her phone once more, and her hair cascaded over her face. She's so gorg- I almost thought, backtracking and twisting my face up at such thoughts as those. 

        "Great!" Simon said, over-cheerily. "That will make this so much easier." 

        "What is this, supposed to be?" Serenity asked.

        "A proposition. For both of your ratios of fans to go up, we need you both to cooperate and "fake date. This will gain publicity for Harry and yourself, since you both have separate fan bases."

        I shot up from my chair, shouting a bit loudly, "Absolutely not!" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw several of the people in the room cringe and seem to shrink in their seats, not including Simon and Serenity.

        "Harry, there is no room for disagreement. The truth is, you really have no choice. With all these new 'boy bands' popping up from thin air, you have a lot of competition, and they are starting to gain more popularity," Simon explained.

        "Wait," Serenity began, "That still leaves no explanation as to why you chose me!

        Simon said in a much more calm tone than myself or Serenity, "Well, it's an obvious thing that you're attractive,"

        I coughed, "Psyche." Both Simon and Serenity glared at me, but Simon continued anyway,

        "And with the popularity you have now, it will grow your fan base as a model, so you are in the running for more spots in competitions and such, y'know. We've already talked with your people, so it's not like this is only of your consent. They completely agree with the idea as well." 

         By this time, Serenity looked outraged. To be honest, it was pretty fucking hot. Her tussled hair was thrown over her shoulder, and she was tugging at the ends of her hair. She had stood up, and I took the opportunity to look at her outfit; white short-sleeved The 1975 crop, blue acid-wash shorts, a few golden rings, a Chanel gold charm bracelet, and I didn't see her shoes. She was quite fit to be honest.



         Instead of boring you with all the details of signing paperwork and such, long story short, we made a deal, and shared a few glares at each other. We all departed, and on the way out-guilty charged-I checked out her perfectly perky ass. And I also looked down at her feet to check her shoes. It was bugging me for the rest of the meeting. 



        If you were wondering what they were, they were galaxy printed Doc Martens.


a/n: so...?

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khloe. xx

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