Fake Love. || H. S.

She's a model. He's a singer. They want absolutely nothing to do with each other. Forced to love each other on-screen, and slowly off-screen. Very, very, very slowly.

"I loathe him."

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6. meet and greet.

a/n: hey, babes. I know sorry isn't going to cut as to why it's taken so long for me to upload. short explanation in the ending author's note. love you all soooo much.


          Serenity's POV


          After the weird not-planned meetup with Styles at my gym, we had to have a planned meetup the exact same day. The guys had a meet and greet, and their management along with mine thought it was the most brilliant (catch my sarcasm?) idea for me to go meet with Harry there and bring him lunch. I was secretly praying that wherever I went to get him lunch, that they would put just a bit of pest poisoning in it. Not enough to kill him, dear God no, that's just asking for my funeral to be planned by way too many fangirls. 

          I had returned home, took a nice long shower, and had just laid my outfit on the bed; black Valentino leather skinnies, a Topshop button front lace top, my Acne Studios leather jacket, paired up with my favourite Giuseppe Zanotti velvet wedges. I quickly changed into it, watching my time. It was now 2:08, and I had to be there at exactly 2:19 so I would be there a minute before the meet and greet started. My makeup was a simple wing-tipped eye liner done to perfection, my lipstick a soft pink. I ran my fingers through my wavy hair, sighing as I just couldn't get it to stay from in front of my eye. I didn't bother to find a hairpin and picked up my phone, over-the-shoulder sling bag, sticking my wallet inside of it. I grabbed my keys, walking out the front door, locking both locks behind me.




         When I reached, it was only 2:15, so I stayed in my car, pulling out my phone to post a quick Tweet to my fans. 

@SerenityGriffiths: At Westfield London to visit that special someone.@HarryStyles is really something. 

        Simply tagging him caused an uproar. The hash tag Sarry was soon trending worldwide. The time was now 2:18, and I rushed into the shopping centre, walking past a sign that read: MEET AND GREET ONE DIRECTION! ONLY TODAY! DOORS OPEN 2:20 PM. I walked all the way in, immediately noticing Harry leaning against a table. He was talking to another, one with a perfected quiff. I guessed it to be Zayn, and Harry noticed me finally. I smiled at him. Make it look real, I thought in my head. I came in to give a hug to Harry, kissing his cheek. He was without a doubt dumbfounded by this, but played it off well. He smiled back at me, wrapping his muscular arms around my waist. Why does this feel so right? I asked myself. In my head of course. I kept my arms wrapped around Harry's neck, only turning my head to greet the guys.

       "Hello, everyone," I said, smiling at them all. They only stared back, and Niall's jaw was actually dropped. Kind of... They all finally recollected themselves, waving and muttering hello's. 

       "Babe," I said, turning back to Harry, "I'm going to get you some food, seeing as you're the only one without some," I told him. As if it didn't take long enough, 2:20 finally came around, and all the girls standing behind the black ropes were allowed to come up to the table. The security guards stood in their places, and many of the girls there glared at me, and others smiled widely, waving at me. I gladly waved back, even at the ones who were glaring at me. I kissed Harry's cheek once more, walking off towards Busaba Eathai, a Thai restaurant on the ground level floor. 

      I ordered him a simple meal and walked back out, pulling a lot of attention to myself as people started to recognise who I was. I was highly claustrophobic, and they started to pull closer to me, forming a tight circle around me. My breaths became short and rapid, and I gripped the handle of the food bag. A buff bodyguard came, escorting me out of the crowd. I smiled gratefully up at him.

     "Thank you so much," I thanked him. He nodded gruffly. I walked away, towards the guys. Footsteps were heard from behind me, and I turned to see the bodyguard still there. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. I told him awkwardly,

     "You can go now, I think I'm safe..." 

     "I was hired by your management team to become your permanent bodyguard," He said dutifully. I rolled my eyes, running my free hand through my hair.

    "I most definitely don't need a bodyguard, that's for sure," I said annoyed. 

    "I was told-" I interrupted him.

    "Well, I'm telling you that you're off for right now. I'll call you when I actually need it. But don't count on it being too soon." I said. He shrugged, nodding. 

    "I'm only a call away, Miss Griffith," he said, beginning to walk away. 

     "Wait!" I called out, causing him to turn his head. 

     "What's your name?" I asked him.

     "Lawrence." I nodded, continuing to walk to Harry. I was let in by two other security men who stood guard at the back 'entrance' (which was really only a long black rope). I stood next to Harry, stared at by Zayn, who examined my outfit with a certain look on his face. 

     "Why don't you sit next to me, darling?" Harry asked, scooting over a bit so I had room to sit with him. I smiled, placing my hand on top of his. Screams were heard, and we smiled lovingly at each other. I honestly wanted to just punch him in the jaw again. Speaking of which, it looks like he had a good makeup artist, because a bruise was no longer there. One of the teenagers in the crowd decided to start a chain with the non 'Sarry lovers' by throwing her water bottle at me. Other haters around her started to throw rubbish at me, and were all escorted, more like forced, out of the area and out of the centre. From down the table, I heard a fake enthusiastic sentence from Louis that made us all laugh.



      "What a nice meet and greet."


a/n: a lot of rubbish is going on in my life that I really don't wish to talk about, and with sports and school and family matters that I'm dealing with, it just makes it all the harder for me to take time out to update my two stories. I can't make any promises as to update daily, but I'll do as much as I can. thank you for loving me. I love you all unconditionally. 

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khloe. xx

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