Fake Love. || H. S.

She's a model. He's a singer. They want absolutely nothing to do with each other. Forced to love each other on-screen, and slowly off-screen. Very, very, very slowly.

"I loathe him."

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4. jealous.

a/n: hey babes. sorry about the late update. life's crazy right now. love you all. here's a long chapter for my appreciation. song for the chapter: jealous by Nick Jonas (who is one of my husband's. Harry's the first.)


           Serenity's POV


           The whole meeting I managed to get past Harry catching me staring at him. I could tell he was staring at me too. It's not like I appreciated him staring. In all honesty, I wanted to yell,

          "Stop looking at me you fu-" That was one thing that Stefano told me I needed to work on. My crude language. Sigh, I don't know how that will happen. But anyway, according to my schedule, I was to have my first public outing with Harry. We had a reservation to a nice restaurant named Alain Ducasse, which is in Mayfair at The Dorchester. I was inside my house, preparing for our 'date'. I cringed a bit at the thought of actually going on a 'date' with Harry Styles. My outfit was a simple Beaded Bow Back Skater Dress from Love Culture, matched with a pair of Studded Platform booties, with the accessories of a plush Chanel shoulder bag, and red lipstick to finish it off. I smiled at my appearance, turning to look at myself from the side. I sucked in a whole load of air, imagining myself to be skinnier. I sighed softly, letting out the air and sliding my phone, wallet, keys, and lipstick in my bag. A deep horn sounded from outside and I walked to the front door, stepping out and locking it behind me.

         A black Range Rover with darkly tinted windows was waiting for me. I tossed my loose curls over my shoulder and out of my face, opening the door. Harry and I barely acknowledged each other as I slid into the car. Harry looked over at me, saying flatly,

       "Put on your seatbelt." I scoffed softly.

       "What are you, my mum?" I asked sarcastically. 

       "Fine then, be stubborn." And with that, Harry stepped down on the gas, the speed increasing greatly as we made our way down the almost empty highway, where the cars that were there honked loudly. Harry stuck his hand out the window, flicking all of them off. I held back a laugh, but then screamed at Harry to slow down as he came to a corner. 

     "Harry!?!" I yelled loudly. Harry simply put on a stupid smirk, only going faster. I dug my nails into the leather of the seat, biting down on my lip to hold back a loud yelp. Although it seemed like Harry's full attention was on the road that seemed to disappear from under the car, he still noticed that I dug my fingernails into the chair.

     "Hey! Keep your nails from digging into anything for the bed, not my car," Harry said his voice deep.

     The eleven minutes it took from my place to Alain Ducasse flew by, and we were soon in front of the restaurant. Many paparazzi were there as predicted, since they were all hired to take pictures. Harry groaned softly inwardly, wrapping an arm loosely around my waist, and as much as I hate to admit it, it just felt right. After this move, they all started asking the basic questions; "Are you two a thing?" "Harry, what about Kendall?"

      The first one seemed basic, but the second one had me a bit on the edge as we walked out of the bright flashes and into the dimly lit restaurant. A waitress with the name tag Jennifer A. arrived in front of us, giving us a wide smile, and leading us to a private area where we wouldn't be bothered. I thanked her while Harry looked bored, doing something on his phone. An attractive waiter walked over, distributing menus to the two of us.

      "Hello, good evening. My name is Jason, and I will be your server tonight," he explained politely, sending a subtle wink my way. I laughed softly, smiling back up at him.

      "Don't hesitate to call if you need anything, I'll be back in a few to take your order." I nodded, smiling at him and taking in his tall built structure. 

      "What are you looking at?" Harry asked me, annoyed. I rolled my eyes, taking out my phone after choosing what I was going to get. I sent out a quick tweet to my followers:

      @SerenityGriffiths: Spending time with negative people gives you negative feelings. @notsayingnames.

      Of course Harry and I were forced to follow each other as another way to raise our publicity, so when I posted this, Harry glared up at me from his phone. Jason came back in a few minutes, and I took a half-second to examine his facial features; hazel eyes, not-too-bushy eyebrows, a bit of a goatee that made him look like a younger Leonardo Dicaprio, brown hair with blonde tips that fall in his face just the right way... Overall, he was pretty cute. 

      "Ready to order, love?" Jason asked us, mostly directing the question to me. I laughed a bit, nodding my head. Harry glared over at the two of us angrily. 

      "Babe," Harry began, surprising me, "Did you want to go to this carnival with me later today?" Harry asked me. I raised an eyebrow but nodded anyway, a bit confused. Jason seemed to back off a bit, and I understood why he said what he did. Harry even went as far as to taking my hand and interlocking my fingers with his after Jason gave us our food, along with two napkins, one for myself, and the other with a sequence of numbers which were obviously his number, with the caption, Jason. xx 


     I think the Harry Styles was actually jealous...


a/n: whutttt. they should be hating each other. is there something else going on in harry's mind?

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