Fake Love. || H. S.

She's a model. He's a singer. They want absolutely nothing to do with each other. Forced to love each other on-screen, and slowly off-screen. Very, very, very slowly.

"I loathe him."

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2. I loathe him.

a/n: first real chapter. enjoy.


       Serenity's POV


        Hello, I'm Serenity, as you probably know already. You've probably seen me on the cover of Vogue, or Bazaar. Either way, I'm that famous model that's always everywhere. Yes, being a model is fun, kind of. A lot of pressure to do things out of your comfort zone, though. But was bound to happen to me in a few days was beyond my belief. It was a busy day as usual, hustling around to different places, and a lot of speaking to my agent, Stefano Lombardi. Hot name, right? But he's gay. Nothing against that of course, he's just so ugh- long story short, I'd date him if he wasn't. Here's how a basic conversation between us goes (all the way up until One Direction is mentioned):

Me: Stef, nice to hear your voice.

Stefano: Ditto, love. New appointment. 

Me: Can we change it?

Stefano: You haven't even heard what it was yet.

Me: I know. I just don't want to go.

Stefano: -sigh- Ren, they need you for a November shoot at Sapphire's. 

Me: -groan- The girls over there are so bleh, though.

Stefano: Serenity! Cooperate please. And there's a big business meeting that is going to take place in a few days with the management team of One Direction.

Me: What is it? A shoot and concert mix or something?

Stefano: No, something bigger than that, we'll chat soon, I have to run. I'm in Paris right now for a meet-up with a Versace model. 

Female voice in background: Bonjour, Monsieur Lombardi!

Stefano: Bonjour, Alisia. Comment ça va?

           Boring, right? Up until the riddle of the meeting with One Direction's management team... But anyway, my day basically included me going to the gym, taking part in about 5 photo shoots, and going back home to my flat in Kensington. As always, I would stop by Cafe Rouge, a small cafe close by home. I sat in my regular back corner, enjoying my tall Lapsang Souchong. My peacefulness was disturbed when the screams of annoying puberty phased teenage girls were heard from outside the cafe. I looked up towards the door, watching as two largely built security guards led 2 guys with glasses into the cafe. Both of them had dazzling smiles, one with a messy set of curls, and the other with wonderful looking facial hair and great hair as well. I recognized them to be two members of One Direction, Zayn Malik, and-dare I even say it-Harry Styles. Even if he is fit, I would never have the hots for him. He's just too... Let me see how I can put this kindly; cocky, rude, arrogant, stuck-up, full of himself, I could go on, but I'd be going till death do us part.. 

         And no, I'm not just speaking this from reading about him in magazines or such, I've actually met him. All of them, actually. It was at a Christmas party of the Jenner's, and we both happened to be there, him still 'dating' (to be honest, I really didn't know what was going on there, I didn't bother to care) Kendall, and Kendall and I had modelled together before, so I had received an invite. Harry sneered at me when I asked for a Jack Daniels over a cocktail, calling me a 'model with impeccable taste in drinks', with a sarcastic tone of voice of course. He also decided he wanted to take one look at my black and white Armani deep V-neck dress, telling me that his nan could rock the dress better than I could.

         If you thought those little remarks hurt my feelings, you're far off. It encouraged me to wear even more formal dresses like that to appropriate events of course, and show off my Jack Daniels love in several magazines. Harry didn't realise he was adding fire to the burning pit of my own glory. If you haven't noticed already, I'm not very fond of Harry, whatsoever.


            I loathe him.


a/n: what did you think? place your thoughts down below, I love hearing from you all. and if you haven't seen it already? I have another fanfiction called, "Secrets || H.S. Sequel to His Slave || H.S." 

read it, love it, write it, favourite it. 

khloe. xx



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