Lips of an Angel

Even angels fall.


5. The Interview

Back at Penrith Police Station, Senior Constable Charmer and Inspector Riley were interviewing Mr Haines.

"What were you doing down at Penrith Cemetery this morning Mr Haines?" asked Officer Riley.

"I was going down to visit my daughter's grave like I do every Friday." His voice was strained and croaky.

"When did you notice the open coffin?" Officer Riley was very serious when he asked this.

"Well, I was about to leave the cemetery and as I was turning away from Marilyn's grave, the glistening silver rim of the coffin caught my eye." He was trying not to burst into tears.

"What did you do when you saw the coffin?"

"I walked over to it. At first I though it was being prepared for a burial, but no one leave a body in full view of the public. As I got closer to it I noticed a ghastly smell coming from it. I peered inside and saw the body of my grand daughter!" He could no longer contain himself and burst into tears. Officer Charmer left the room to get Mr Haines a glass of water.

"How did you know it was your grand daughter?"

"Each year her foster parents send me a photograph of her at major events to do with school and sport. I received a photograph in the mail yesterday morning of her in her Year Ten Formal gown. The gown she was wearing and the gown the girl in the coffin was wearing were identical."

Officer Charmer returned with a glass of water and place it on the table near Mr Haines right hand.

"Are you sure it wasn't another girl wearing the same gown?" Officer Charmer asked with hope in his voice.

"It wasn't another girl! The gown Charlotte was wearing was hand made by Able Sister's Formal Wear!" He started getting impatient with their questions and just wanted them to catch the culprit. Charmer and Riley looked at each other and decided her as not guilty of the crime. They declared that he was free to go home and that he would be notified of any developments concerning the case. 

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