Lips of an Angel

Even angels fall.


2. The Discovery

The elderly man was walking though the old cemetery like a ghost. His footsteps were silent and what was left of his had swayed lightly to and fro in the cool breeze. He was carrying a walking stick in one hand and in the crook of his other arm was a bouquet of white roses. Just a few rows of headstones before the back of the cemetery he stopped in front of a white marble stone shaped like a heart. It read, Here lies Marilyn Haines, a loving wife, mother and daughter. She died on the 16th of October, 1994, during childbirth. She was fifteen years old when she died.

The old man began to cry. Tiny teardrops running down his wrinkled cheeks. He took off his cap, bowed his head and closed his eyes. After a minute of silence he placed the roses at the head of the gravestone. His back ached as he bent over but he ignored the pain. He placed his cap back on his balding head and slowly turned away.

Suddenly, something by the back corner of the cemetery caught his ancient eyes. He turned back around for a closer look and noticed an open coffin. He made a very painful hobble towards it. When he finally reached it, he peered inside and came face to face with the body of a mutilated young girl. He cried out in fright and fumbled for his mobile phone. He punched in the numbers zero, zero, zero and prayed someone would pick up quickly.

"Hello, triple zero what's your emergency?" said a young female voice.

"Hello, I need the police and an ambulance. There's an open coffin with a dead girl inside at the back of the old Penrith cemetery!" his voice was strained and urgent.

"Okay! I will send the Police and an Ambulance down there right away just hold on."


The phone call ended and the man began to gag, repulsed at the horrific sight that lay before him.

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