Lips of an Angel

Even angels fall.


3. Parramatta Homicide Squad

"What have you got for me Josh?" the middle aged man asked whilst walking briskly down the long corridor.

"We've received a call from a local resident at Penrith Cemetery saying there is an open coffin in the back corner with the body of a dead girl inside it," Josh said sternly.

"Has Miranda been contacted?"

"Yes, she's already on her way there."


Sirens blared as the police cars screamed down the winding roads towards the cemetery. From inside it, the old man could hear them coming. Minutes later the first few police officers arrived; Mr Haines was whisked away to the police station to be interviewed.


Danny and Josh, detectives from the Homicide Squad in Parramatta, had been called to investigate. They arrived late and the cemetery was already surrounded by media vans, police cars and an ambulance. The media was being cleared away by the senior constables already at the scene whilst Josh and Danny made their way to the far back corner of the cemetery. Miranda, the local coroner and forensic investigator, was already there waiting from them, her face pale white like that of a ghost. She didn't speak she just pointed at the coffin.

They pushed through the small crowd of officers and medics and came face to face with the body of a young girl. She was lying on her back, her arms crossed over her chest, she was wearing what seemed to be a formal dress. Flowers, red roses to be precise, and white jasmine surrounded her. She looked peaceful but the story on her damaged face told a different tale.

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