Lips of an Angel

Even angels fall.


4. Angel Wings

Her face was pale white and covered in dried blood, her forehead was slit from left to right and her eyes were covered in white and silver make up. Her cheeks had been deeply gashed by a sharp cutting instrument and her neck was covered in dark purple bruises. Her wrists were also badly bruised and her nails couldn't be identified as present. The most disturbing part of the scene was her lips, they had been completely removed and replaced by little white angel wings.

Danny and Josh were horrified at the sight of her. Josh had to leave the scene, as his stomach couldn't take it. Miranda had pulled out her camera and was taking photos to examine back at her lab before the body was taken over there too.

The body was carefully put into a black body bag and put onto a stretcher. The coffin was photographed and the flowers were sprayed with liquid nitrogen to preserve their condition. They were also taken to Miranda's labs for analysis.


"It's unbelievable what people are capable of." Danny said in a sickened voice.

"I know! I can't believe someone would ever do this to such an innocent little girl!" Miranda said solemnly still photographing the coffin.

"Do you think you'll be able to identify her?"

"Well, once I remove all the dried blood from her face and properly examine it, I think I will be able to."

"The man who contacted us believes that she is his grand daughter. He said that the dress she is wearing matches the one his grand daughter was wearing at her Year 10 formal last night," Danny said slightly rushed.

"Well, the body isn't more than twenty four hours old so it is a possibility...Do you have a copy of the photograph?" Miranda asked in an impatient voice. She had finished photographing and had called for a hearse to come and pick up the coffin.

" Yes, it's been sent off to your lab along with the body." Danny was helping Miranda pack up her equipment before she returned to her lab to perform the autopsy.

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