"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


3. t w o

Gemma brang two outfits for us. I smiled, my dimple popping out. I put one on-


and I did her makeup first, then doing mine. I curled her blue locks and put my hair in a braided top knot. I smiled, checking the time.




We headed out, and went into the bar.




I felt someone watching me, causing my hair on the back of my head to stand.  I shook my head, and politely asked the waiter for some shots.


"10 for 10." He said.


I gave a 50, smirking.




"Woo!" I screamed, giggling like crazy. My hips were swaying side to side, and my hands were in the air. I got whistles, and I blushed, winking at them. 


Someone grabbed my arm. "Truth or Dare?" He asked me.


"Truth or Dare."


We were all crammed into one room, and in a circle. Someone chugged a bottle, putting it in the middle, and spun it.


It landed on a guy.


"Zayn," The guy smirked.


Hey, wait. I know a guy named Zayn.


Whatever, shut up brain.


"I dare you to...  kiss Ashton."


"Aight." He laughed, and got up, stumbling over to Mr. Bandana which was across from me. He gave a peck on the lips and fell down, squirming to his spot again.  Zayn spun the bottle, and it slowly stopped.


It landed on me.


I gulped.


"Oh, look at this gurll.." He slurred, laughing. 


Dont realize its me. Dont realize its me.


"Rawr!" He screeched laughing. "Truth or Dare?"


"Umm. Dare."


"I dare you to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with Harry."

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