"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


4. t h r e e

"I dare you to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with Harry."


We both went inside, and we awkwardly stared at each other.


"CMON GUYS! HAVE FUNN!" Zayn squealed.


I shrugged. Our lips connected, and I closed my eyes. His tongue asked for entrance, and I granted automatically. Our tongues fought with each other, his tongue winning.


"7 Minutes is UPPPP!" Zayn screamed. "GET OUT!"


He opened the doors, and we pulled apart. I winked at him, and he smirked. Everyone chorused an "ooh" as we sat in our spots.



I groaned, holding my head. I was in a bed- it felt familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.


"Mornin'." He said, giving me an aspirin and water. "You know, you don't have to party every night. You always end up with me, anyway."


"I'd love to man, but unless you have a bartender here, I will go. Daily- well Nightly." I shrugged.


"What if I did get a bartender?"


"Hmm," I put my index finger on my chin. "Maybe."


I smiled.


"Well. I gotta get going. Next time we meet, we're going to my place. Ooh you should see it." I giggled, remembering what I saw in my fathers' room. "Parents."


He wiggled his eyebrows. "Ooh, we are going there. C'mon, I'll drive you home this time."


We went in his car, and he started driving. When he stopped, I realized I was home.




"Wait, how do you know where I live?"


"Psychic." He put his index and middle finger to the side of his forehead.


I shook my head. "Psycho. You should really try to think of a better excuse."


I hopped out, waving and walking inside my home. I tore off my clothes and sighed. It's so fun being naked.


I put on The X Factor, and watched.


1 month later....


I groaned. It's September 1st. I can't be naked anymore. I waited for my dads, and held up our last name. Tatum. {A/N:Hehe swag lml jk on with the story -->} They finally walked out, and I smiled. Dad #1 (the funny one) was smirking, while the other serious boring one was limping. Ooh..  I smirked at Dad and he nodded. I love how he keeps me on these things. I giggled, and walked with them. I took my keys and revved up the engine, waiting for Mr. Boring to come in. He's probably just pained because of you know what. I giggled at the thought, and finally drove off.


"You know, Bethany, I really do hate your father."


I laughed loudly, using one of my hands to cover my mouth. "Why?"


"Oh you probably already know with you guys' little pervert language."


"Now now, dear. You don't have to get that messed up." Dad sniffled. I giggled.


Oh how I love my parents.


{Dad(funny one aka Harry lml)'s POV}


I woke up with a Cheez-It on my nose, and rubbed my eyes.


"Woo! TOLD YOU DAD!" Bethany screamed to Joshua. I laughed.


"Daddy can I please please please go to the mall with Gemmers please?!" She begged.


"Sure." I rubbed my eye, walking down the steps to see Joshua shirtless, making some pancakes. I smirked, walking over to him. I put my arms around his waist, kissing his neck.


"Hey baby."


"Hi Harreh." His cute accent replied, giving me a peck on the lips.


"Are you making some for me?" I asked, my head on his shoulder.








"I'll let you top tonight."




"Ooh sex just got real!" Bethany gasped. "So real, I.. really dont want to eat anymore." She scrunched up her nose, and walked out, hopping in our SUV and driving off.


{Bethany's POV}


I got a cute white floral shirt and got some cute ripped shorts with some brown booties. I put on my new gloss- well not really gloss, it's like a ghetto gloss. It was a lollipop all around my lips. I giggled when Gemma put on way to much, and groaned at how sticky it was. She got a phone call, and answered it.


"Hello?.. Oh hay bro...No. Way... Can my bae come along, too?... We'll be right there."




We were going into a police department, and she pulled me to the back of the department. Psych was painted on on the window, but, green bubble letters with the tiny words Psychic Police Department.


We walked in.


"Hey Lou, where's Harry?" My head snapped up, furrowing my eyebrows.


"He's in there." The 'Lou' guy said, and we went to the door.


"Pretend to be serious, okay? My brother's really a cocky bastard, but a great actor." I nodded, and she opened the door.


"TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!" The man yelled, and looked up. I gasped, dropping my phone.


Gemma rose her brow, and Harry walked over to her, mumbling something to her, and he was in front of me, pulling me out of the room.



#TEAMJARRY i swear I was about to write some smut but then I was like nah but it is rated R I would've. If you have a problem, dont read my stories, they will all contain smut if they dont already- and alot of it. This  especially. Ooh so much smut I swear. It's rated R for a reason, 7 year olds. Stop reading unless your going to be interested in it and become a porn site maker. I mean, this site.. All Rated R's are probably including smut in it. K sorry for rant, byee. :)



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