"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


11. t e n

"Excuse me!"


The girls stopped and I got up and ran. No idea where, but I just ran. My hood fell off my head, and I pulled it back up, trying to get warmth to my ears.


It wasn't working.


I ran into a hair salon, and got a call.




"Bethany?! Where are you?"


"None of your fucking business, Harry. Your fans were killing me out there. We barely dated for a week, and guess what?"


"Bethany no-"


"Yes Harry. Yes. We're over. Good bye." I hung up the phone and buried my head into a magazine. I was flipping through the pages, and saw a picture, causing me to stop.



Bethany Mota and Harry Styles? Yes! We totes love them together, they're #adorbs! We fangirl with you people! They were kissing in Bethany Mota's Q&A livestream for a beautiful 30 seconds (right), and we think they might've went a little farther. "No, we didn't," Harry Styles laughed. "She says she wants to wait until marriage." Aww, man! We can't wait until he proposes. GMA asked Harry when he was going to propose. "Soon." He says with a smile. Aww! Don't you think they're just adorbs? We love fangirling over them, do you?


When I finished reading that, I rolled my eyes. I hate how the press thinks they're cool because they use 'totes' instead of totally, 'fangirling' and so on. It's annoying. They're fake as hell.


My phone rang again, and I ignored it, knowing it was Harry. He kept on calling repeatedly, and I groaned, answering.


"What do you want?!" I groaned.


"You do not talk to your father like that!" Dad screamed.


"Sorry. I thought you were Harry."


"What's wrong with Harry?"


"Nothing, nothing."


"Did he break daddy's little girl's heart?"


"No he didn't, dad."


"So why do you hate him?"


"Nothing dad. Nothing." I sighed.


"What's up buttercup?"


"It's- It's just his fans. His fans ruined our relationship."


"Bethany Noel Mota."




"Was it his fault his fans did that? Did he say oh look you see my girlfriend, go ruin our relationship. What the heck did they even do?"


"They beat me up! I got some huge bruise on my eye now!"


"Bethany. I just have 1 question."




"Did he say go do that to them? Did he say beat her up to the last pit?"




"Don't 'Dad' me Bethany. Did. He. Force. Them."


"No." I sighed.


"So you know what you're going to do now?"




"You're going to- you know what- One second."


I heard dialing, and I gasped.


"No! Dad stop! N-"










And The Heart Wants What It Wants is




(no not the poop definition)




im making a new story.

Basically its just like THWWIW but more phsyical and sex-ish and more raTED R.





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