"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


8. s e v e n

{Bethany's POV}


I groaned, and rubbed my eyes, seeing Gemma smiling at me. I screamed, my hand slamming onto my heart.


Harry burst in. "Are you okay?!"


"No, Harry. I'm not. Your creep of a sister was staring at me."


"That's what happens if you're her bestfriend. It's Karma, love."


"Fuck you."


He rolled his eyes, walking away.


"Tell me everything."




"About your date. Tell me everything. Love at first sight, huh?" She wiggled her eyebrows.


I laughed awkwardly. "Sure. Love at first sight."


"Tell mee!!"


"So when the waiter led me to the table, I was like 'Harry?' and he was like 'Bethany?'..." And I went on and on, describing the night. At the end, Gemma was squeezing a pillow for her life, her face behind it, a schoolgirl squeal came out of her lips.




"Everyone ships it."


"What the heck are you saying, Gemma?"


"The motavators, the directioners, they all ship it."


"What the heck did you do?!"


"All I did was make an account with manips! I swear! Oh, and I got like 1k  followers too."




"I'm sorry, I'm just a fangirl!"


"I hate you."


I stormed out, and walked down the hall, when Gemma jumped on my back.


"I'm so sorry, Beth, I'll even delete it if you want. Please don't be mad at me!"  She cried.


I threw her off.


Time for Gemma to earn some Karma, I thought, smirking.


This is going to be fun.


"Oh please Bethany, your just faking it."


"Ugh if you were just my friend I wouldn't be."


"YAY!" She screamed, attacking me in a hug, and I smiled, hugging back.


"But you owe me something."




"Close your eyes."




I jumped on her back.




We laughed, and we followed the smell of pancakes. Harry was there, shirtless, making them.




Déjà vu.


Well not technically, because I don't have a crush on my dad.


Oh ew. Stop talking about this Beth.


"BOO!" Gemma screamed, and Harry's pancake flew to the other side of the room. I laughed loudly, covering my mouth with my hand. I got off of Gemma.


"It sticks." I laughed, poking the uncooked pancake hanging on the wall. I giggled. I turned around, seeing Gemma wiggling her eyebrows, looking at me up and down. I looked down, I was wearing Harry's shirt, and just that. I blushed.


"I'll go get changed." I ran up the stairs and into Gemma's room, taking a striped shirt and some old overalls on top of it, with a blue cap to match the stripes, and a yellow capital A on it.


I took out my phone, opening instagram, and took a video. "Hey motavators! I'm going to do a Q&A soon, like in an hour, so ask me a question with the hashtag Ask Bethany! I cant wait to answer your questions!" I smiled at the camera, stopped it, and posted it. I immediately got a bunch of likes and comments. I love them so much. I scrolled through the comments.


Bethany_mola:Is #Hethany real?!


Tumblarr:Do you like tacos? :P


Hethanay:HETHANY QS!


Hethannyy:Hethany real or nahh


Hethers.Bethers:Hethany forever!


Bethanynoeimota:I love you!


B3th:You're so pretty.


Bethers.and.starbucks:What's your favorite thing to do and why?




"GEMMA!" I called. I heard loud footsteps, and Gemma came in. I showed her the questions.


"Ai papi, everyone likes Hethany."




I groaned, tugging my  hair, checking for different comments instead of Hethany.


elounor: ew wtf hell nah Harry aint dating this ugly white bitch. He be dating Lou Teasdale, dumb asses. Um excuse u Harry doesnt like that shithead.


harreh: Ew ugly bitch.


More and more hate went on, and I started sobbing.


Someone's arms wrapped around me.


"Don't listen to them, baby. They're just jealous that I love you and not those ugly people."



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