"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


2. o n e

I fixed my tie on my uniform, and picked up my backpack, fixing my knee socks. I put on my glasses, and walked to the school bus stop. Today's the last day of hell. And we were getting our report cards. My favorite day ever. Ok, yes, I'm a goody two shoes. I went on the bus, people tripping me repeatedly. Tears burned my eyes as I sat in the back, wiping them away. I sighed, and waited for school to end.




I got my report card, seeing the usual. Straight A's. I smiled, and put it in my folder.


"You see kids? A student, her report card in her folder." Mr. Longo said, and I sank in my seat. Someone spit a ball in my hair, and I started crying.


"See? A student, being a cry baby. You're 18, girl, stop. Baby." Louis Tomlinson, the school's bad ass rolled his eyes.


A shaky sigh left my lips.




I changed into my white ripped pants with a "Sarcastic Comment Loading" shirt after gym, and walked home.


"Ha, look at Ms. Nerdy pants." Louis laughed loudly, and I hung my head in shame. His little group laughed too, and tears started racing down my face, as I raced home. I went in my room, and slammed the door. I sat on my bed, and wiped my eyes, sighing once again.


I went in my bathroom, peeling off my clothes and hopped in the tub. I got my phone and looked through twitter. Nothing new. I went on my Instagram, and posted the picture I had, and shut my screen, scrubbing my hair with soap.




I wrapped the towel around me, and looked at my fingers. They were wet and wrinkly. I put on undergarments and an over sized sweatshirt and some shorts. I went to the kitchen, seeing a note on the microwave.


"We're out and won't be back until September. Sorry baby, we have a little job to do. Be a good little girl, okay?  Love, Your Father & Ugly Dad.

P.S. Really, just do whatever you want, but make it look normal when we get back. ~Dad #1"


I loved my dad. He is always a joker. He writes ugly in front of Dad's signature just to make me laugh. I smiled, crumpling it up and throwing it out. I guess I can just walk around naked now.


I smirked, closing the blinds.


"Babe, come here right away."


"Do I have to you little Booty-head?"


"Yes. It's time for the old days like before."


"I'm right outside."

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