"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


10. n i n e

{Bethany's POV}


Harry and Gemma were off to their jobs, and I went back home.


"Dad! I'm going to work!" I called, and grabbed my camera, putting it around my neck. "And I'll be a Gem's tonight!"


"Okay!!" He called back.


I raced to my old truck, and pulled the handle. I groaned, tugging it harshly when a loud, eerie creak came from it. It gave me shudders, and I went to work.




I parked my car, and walked inside, talking to Benny, the receptionist.


"Yeah, Bethany, so Tyra said she wanted you to photograph her models. Is that okay with you?"


"Wh-What?!" I shrieked. "Tyra? As in Tyra Banks?!"




"Duh! Benny, are you crazy?!"


"She wants you to meet the models and herself. She said she's coming soon. So just get yourself together in your office."


I walked towards my office with the biggest smile ever. The door was opened for a reason. I shrugged, walking in and closing the door, a man right behind it. I screamed, slapping him.


"Ow," He grabbed his cheek. "Surprise?"


Everyone else was hiding and laughing, making me blush.




Eventually, everyone was crammed into the small couch. There was.. 5  of them, and including Tyra, 6.


"Did Benny tell you not to do that?"


"Benny?" The guy with a buzzcut (aka the one I slapped) asked.


"The receptionist."


"Oh, yeah. But we were like whats the harm, you're a girl."


"Um excuse you, do you want another slap?" I asked, and everyone laughed.


"Ok, so um. When do I start?"


"Tomorrow at 8."




"They're idiots. Let me introduce you to everyone." The guy with the black and white striped shirt said. They all got up, and I mimicked their actions.


"That's Lenox." The girl with black hair smiled, her arms opening, and we hugged, giggling.


"That's Will."


"Hay!" He squealed, and I smiled. We hugged.


"That's Shei."


"Oh my gosh your hair!" I gasped. Half was yellow, half was black.


"I know right!" We hugged, and laughed.


"That's Adam."


He gave me a playful glare, and I laughed.


"And I'm Keith." He said, and I put a hand out, but he crushed me in a hug, adding something in the front pocket of my suspenders.


"Apparently, we're idiots, yet he didn't introduce you to someone else. Tyra." Lenox said, and I giggled. Me and Tyra hugged.


"Well, we have to get going. I love your outfit, by the way." Tyra smiled, and I thanked her.


I just realized that I was wearing the same outfit as yesterday.


Shei, Kieth, Lenox, Adam, and Tyler all walked away, Tyra in the front. Will stopped, staring at me. I looked around the room awkwardly.


"Ooh gurl you know that Tyra wants you to shoot our pictures until the finale?" He asked.


I laughed awkwardly. "Does she know that-"


"That you have a job, and a lot of things to do? She doesn't care about that!"




"Ooh gurl if you say no to her- ooh. Drama."




"And by the way, I'm gay. So don't worry." He smiled, threw a paper, and ran.


Well then.




I felt someone watching me, making the hairs on my neck stick up. I shook it off, and went into my room, getting my stuff, and kissing my dads on the cheek.


"See you tomorrow! Love you!" And waited outside. It started to snow about 5 hours ago, and we were already 3 feet in. I couldn't believe paps were still out in the cold with just little sweaters on. I shivered, standing, and lay back on the bricks, my left leg going up, and bit my lip.


"Is it true you're dating Harry Styles?"


"There's a rumor saying that you're just doing it for money. Is it true?"


"Is it true you're pregnant?"


Oh god.


I still haven't ever checked yet.


My face paled, and the multiple snaps turned twice as bright.


Finally, Harry's car pulled up, and so many people tried to get in.


"Bethany! Bethany!" He called. We tried to reach each other, but we were being crowded by his fans.


The girls that were in the front were giving me death stares. They all had the same shirt on. It had all the boys faces, and mine was there too, but it had an X on it.


Oh. I don't think they like me at all,  then.


A fist was collided onto my jaw, and I screamed. More and more punches, kicks, and anything they can possibly do.


"Harry! Harry please!" I sobbed. "Please help!"


"Excuse me!"





Bad bad stuff guys. My dad has cancer ok.


And also, I chopped off my hair. 1'5, and braided is about 1 ft. MY HAIR IS SOOO SHORT NOWWWWWWWW IT USED TO LOOK LIKE THIS vvv


And yes I'm short. I'm 5'1 lol.

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