"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


5. f o u r

{Bethany's POV}


"Your my sister's best friend?!"


"Why not? Is there a problem with that? Why can't I be friends with her?" I crossed my arms.


"Because your.. not like Gemma. Gemma is like innocent and shit but your like.. Not."


"What do you mean- innocent? Gem isn't innocent." I laughed.


"Oh please, yes she is."


"Well with you she is."


"What were you guys doing, then?" He tilted his head to the side.


"I cant say." I smirked.


 Gemma and I were each in a different car, getting out by the top of the car, a little window opened, and I giggled. A loud honk was heard, and the car raced off, my car beating Gemma's. I stuck out my tongue with a "Woo!" escaping my lips.


Later in the race, the cars were right next to each other, and Gemma and I nodded, looking at each other.


"1, 2, 3!" We both took off our bras, throwing them in the air.


The guys inside cheered, and we smirked, my car winning by an inch.


"Tell mee!!"


"No. But guess what?"




"Now you owe two people a paycheck." I walked inside, and nodded to her, and she huffed air out of her nose, storming away. I took the folder, and looked through it.


"Hey." I said, flipping the papers, pretending not to pay attention to him.


"Hi..?" He furrowed his eyebrows. I put my feet on the table.


"So, why are you here?"


"Well, I killed someone."


"Really? Like 'I don't care I will shoot you' killed or 'stop hitting me' kill?"




I took my feet down, and folded my hands on the table, my chest right behind them, showing cleavage. He stared completely at it.


"So?" I asked seductively.


"The I don't care one. But I have a reason." He said.


I stood up, walking towards him, massaging his shoulders. "Really?" I whispered in his ear. "What's the reason, baby?"


"H-He wanted to take my drugs that I made and that isn't fair. I made them, he could go pluck some weed and make some drugs himself."


My breath caused goosebumps on his neck, and I smirked at the mirror, which was really Harry, Lou, and Gemma behind it, watching.


"Thank you." I winked at him, and walked out.


{Harry's POV}


So that's how she turns me on. She smirked at us, and walked out of the room.


"That looked like a porn video I watched. Well how it started."


"Ugh." Gemma groaned, disgusted.


Bethany came in, dusting off her hands.


"And that, my friends, is how you get someone to confess." She said, directly looking at me.




I was on the couch, watching t.v., and saw that Burn Notice was playing.


"Oh. My. God." Bethany and Gemma said at the same time. "He's sooo hot."


I rolled my eyes. "I'm hotter."


"Ugh, no." Gemma said.

"Um. Ew. I'm like.. wayy  hotter then him." I said in a girl voice.


"Um, no." Gemma rolled her eyes. "Right Bethers?"




"Bethany Noel Mota if you say no I will never ever hang with you again."




"Oh my god. Harry, get out for a minute, we need private talk."


I smirked, and walked out, my ear on the door, listening intensely.


All I heard were little tics of an Iphone.


Gemma knows me too well.


{Bethany's POV }


-I cant  believe you like him


-If he wasn't your brother you would like him.


-Ew no.


-He's hot ok.






-Your annoying.


-Well your mean.


-Am not.




-Sorry, I still love you! :* :* :*








-I ship it.






-Oh my god. Why am I your friend.


-Bc you love me.




-Go invite your future husband back in, let #Hethany be free!!


-I hate you


-Ily2 now fr fr invite him in.


I sighed, glaring at the evil look on her face.


She just smirked wider.


Oh how I hate the Styles' family's smirks.


I opened the door, and Harry was on the floor like he was a hobo.


He was sleeping.


-Gemma rn here.




-Just cmon lazy booty. -_-


-K im coming you rude ass.


She came and I pointed to him, and we tip toed to her room, grabbing her big, fat makeup bag.


We went back and I started the makeup. I applied foundation, which was a bit lighter than his skin, and Gemma started working on her gel lipstick to get bright red lips on Harry. I put on bright blue eyeshadow, and put cat-eye above his eyelashes. Gemma added mascara onto his long eyelashes, and I applied blush. He groaned, and we ran away. We walked over to him like we didn't just ruin his face, and I helped him up.


"How was your nap, Harry? We finished Burn Notice already."


He groaned. "I have to pee. I'll be right back."


He went into the bathroom, and we heard a loud scream- and by the way, it wasn't manly.





that took me 2 hrs.









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