"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


6. f i v e

{Gemma's  POV}


Bethany and I laughed so hard we were literally on the floor. Harry came, his eyebrows scrunched up together. He glared at me, and I winked, wiggling my eyebrows. His glare only hardened, and I just got an idea.




Hay Beth,

I got a great bf for you omg. He's like so hot, you will be like oooh I want him. Go to Le Bernardin at 8:30 tomorrow sharp. He's going to pop out of the crowd. He's super tall and has a curly head. :)





I smirked, and put my phone in my pocket, fixing Harry's tux. Lux, my friend's daughter, started crying, her bottom lip popping out.


"Mama!" She screamed. I exhaled through my nose, faking a smile.


"Lux, baby, wanna play with Barbie?" I smiled.


"Yaa!" She squealed, clapping her hands. I took the barbie doll and put it in her playpen. I heard a crack as I went back to Harry, and widened my eyes, looking at her.


She broke the barbie's leg.


Harry stifled a laugh. "Who said babysitting was easy."


"Shut up kid." I rolled my eyes.


A ding rang from my phone.


What?! I don't want a blind date!!


Don't worry, babe, I got an outfit for you, and everything. Just wait. You just go on twitter or something, you have six hours.


You better hurry up.


Ok, ok, ik.


Your annnoying.


*You're *annoying


Shut up.






I'm on my way, stop wasting my battery. -_-















My phone just died because of her. I exhaled.


"Look, Harry, in 6 hours, you're going to that restaurant I told you, and face away from the front of it, I want it to be like wow heart attack. Look at how 'hot' he is, blah blah. Now I'm going to help her. Bye." I took Lux, and went into my car, strapping Lux in her car seat, speeding to Bethany's house, which was literally 2 blocks away. I slammed my foot on the brakes, beeping at the car in front of me.




"Yes baby?"


"Whas wong?"


"Don't worry, Lux, we're going to Auntie Beth."


"Yayy!" She cheered.


Wow, she was crying when she had to stay with me.


I parked in front of her house, putting Lux down on the ground, her hand grabbing one of my fingers. I grabbed the big bag in the other hand, and we walked to her door, and I let Lux ring the doorbell.


"Untee Beff!" She squealed. I put her back down. Bethany looked through the little space she has for mail, and gasped.


"Is that Lux?"


Lux laughed, and nodded.


"Oh my gosh its Big Girl Lux!" She opened the door, and I looked at her with an are-you-serious face when she hugged Lux, picking her up and spinning her while she just let me come in.


I sat Lux on Bethany's bed, and sat Bethany there too. They were playing patty-cake while I was taking everything out of the bag I brang. I had an outfit that matched with Harry's tux-

her belt matching with Harry's tux. I put curlers in her hair after her 'need of taking a cute duckface selfie with Lux', and waited.




Her hair came out beautiful, if I do say so myself.

She put on her dress, and I added bright red lipstick, with winged eyeliner and a light blush. I picked up Lux, putting her in my pouch thing and walked into the car, with Bethany following, biting her nails.


"We're going to be right on time, don't worry. And stop biting on those fake nails! You'll chip them!" I scolded.


"Gemma, we're practically in another city."


"So? I came to your house in two seconds, right Lux?"


"Yah! Gamma went BOOOSH!" Her arms flew out, and I smiled, zooming into Manhattan.

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