"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


12. e l e v e n .



I was silent, and I held my breath. My dad cleared his throat as if he was saying 'talk right now.'


"Fucking prank calls."


He hung up, and I did a second later.


"Bethany Mota? Moota?" Lou teased.


"Mota." I giggled.




I just told Lou basically what happened this past hour.


"Wait. Harry as in Harry Styles?"


"Yeah. Why?" My eyebrows furrowed. How'd she know him?


"Ooh. I'm soo telling the boys about this."


"The boys?"


"Yeah. You know, his bandmates?"


"I know that- I'm not stupid. How do you know all of them?"


"I'm their stylist. Duh."


"Oh my god- don't tell him I told you what I did!"


"Don't worry, hun, I got you."


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" I smiled, and she laughed.




I love how my hair looked in the end, and squealed. I took a selfie, and posted it on instagram.

I immediately got a bunch of likes, and comments too.


haylor:Ew. She only posted this for her b00bs.


harrys1yles:tbh this is ugly


beth4layfe:omg ily beth plz follow me!




ilyharry:omg shes such a bitch breaking up w. harry.


hethany: @ilyharry she broke up w. him?!


ilyharry: @hethany duh she did like how much you wanna bet that they were fake dating in the first place. smh


hayhethany: @ilyharry no she didnt she was recently mobbed when she was going to Harry's house so stfu.


I got up, and hugged Lou.


"Before you go.." She trailed on.




"One second." She put a hand over my eyes and we walked somewhere. She put her hand down, and I gasped.


"Lux!" I giggled as the 2-year-old tried putting eyeliner on her cheeks.


"Mommy said not to touch that!" Lou screamed, snatching it away. She was about to cry, and saw me, and rose her hands. Lou came back with a baby wipe, and wiped all the makeup off her face. My phone rang, and I gasped.


"It's 8! I gotta go!"


"Take Lux? Please?" She looked at me with pleading eyes. I took Lux on my hip, and put her head on my shoulder so the lights don't bother her, and ran to my car. I got in, and zoomed to the photoshoot. I groaned as I parked the car, forgetting my camera. They'd probably give me one, anyway. I fixed my hair in the mirror, and got out, trying to block the flashes in Lux's eyes. She started crying.


"Can you guys stop? She has a freaking baby!" The blond, Will, said. They all started saying how "We dated" and "it's his baby."


"It's not even my baby! Gosh, this is Lux!"


All the flashes went even brighter.


"SO THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER!" Someone screamed, and I slammed the door, walking inside. moving the hair out of my face.


"Sorry I'm late." I sighed. "I got my hair done."


"Don't worry about it, if you're before Tyra, you're early."


I giggled, and bounced Lux on my hip. She calmed down, and she stared at Will.


"Auntie Beff?"


"Yeah baby?"


"Can I touch his hair?"


I laughed loudly.


"Ask him Lux. Say 'Will, can I touch your hair?"


"Will! Will I touch your hay-r." We laughed at how she said it, and he let her touch it. I gave Lux to him.


"I'll be back." I went to my car, and got the baby bag, and ran back inside.


I got out her bottle, and gave it to her, helping her hold it.


"Do you have a place where she can sleep?"


"Yeah, follow me."


We went up stairs, down halls, until we finally got to a room. He opened the door, and the girl with the black hair, Lenox, and the girl with the black & yellow hair, Shei, was fast asleep on the same bed, and Will pointed to a bed next to them. The little nametag at the bottom said "Adam & Keith." I set her down.


"What would happen if they want to sleep?" I whispered.


"I don't know about Adam, but Keith is going to let her sleep. Don't worry about it."


I waved to the little girl with droopy eyes, and she waved back, falling asleep.


We walked back downstairs, and waited, watching the telly. Keith came in an hour later, and I stretched, getting up. He looked tired.


"Will, I'm gonna sleep on your bed."


"Don't you have a bed- oh. I'm so sorry. Lux is there."


I was about to go get her, but he stopped me. "Don't worry. I have nephews, and trust me, you do not want to wake her up."


A buzz came out of Will's pocket, and he looked at it.


"The girls asked about the baby."


"Tell them it's yours and you have to take custody of it."




Keith suddenly looked awake, and smirked mischievously.


"Everyone come downstairs please, Everyone downstairs!" Their receptionist said, and Lenox came down with a sleeping Lux in her hands.


"She's so cute! Oh my gosh, I thought you said you were gay." Shei said. "No offense."


"I am."


"Well, if your supposed to have a baby-"


"Ok ok. Ew. Stop. It's not mine, okay."


"Who's is it?"


Commotion went on in the room, and Lux woke up, crying.


"Shh, honey, please don't cry. Please." Lenox bounced the baby on her hip. This was fun to watch.


"Beff! Beff!" She screamed, sobbing loudly. I shook my head, laughing. I was going to wait one more minute.


"W- Will?" She sniffled, looking up at him. Lenox gave Lux to him, and she started laughing, pulling his hair.


"Ow- Ow Lux! That hurt!" Lux laughed at his comment, pulling his hair with both hands.


I walked in, and looked at Lux with a 'stop-it' look. She looked at me with her hands in his hair, and put her hands to her sides.


"Hi." She mumbled, and I picked her up.


"Sorry. I forgot to drop her off."


"She's yours?"


"No. She's my friend's."


"Wait- I know! She's Lux, right?"






  I was taking pictures of Lenox, the last model I had to do, and shot a lot of shots. I don't get why the girls around her were screaming, sounds don't happen in a picture. I snapped the last picture, and gave a thumbs up. She got down, and walked towards Shei, and they started gossiping. My hand flew to my back pocket to grab my phone, but it wasn't there.


It was gone.

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