"Just stop partying and come here." He groaned, rolling his eyes.


9. e i g h t

{Harry's POV}


I heard sobbing coming from the guest room, aka Bethany's. I walked in, seeing her with her head on her knees, crushed up by the corner of her room. I saw so much hate on her phone, and I sighed. I hugged her.


"Don't listen to them, baby. They're just jealous that I love you and not those ugly people."


She sniffled, looking up at me. I wiped her tears on her face, smiling a bit. She smiled back, and pecked my lips.


"Should we confirm it?" She asked.


"Do you want to?"




"Let's do it."


She smiled, and bounced up. "Okay."


She set up the camera, and sat on the bed.


"You stay there, and when I talk about Hethany, then you come, okay?" She said.


"Okayyy!" I smiled.


"Hi guys! This is my Q&A livestream! I'll answer as much questions as I can!" She smiled.


I was hiding behind the camera, making silly faces at her.


"O-Okay." She tried stifling a giggle. "Who's your best-" She couldn't hold it anymore, and burst into a fit of giggles, making me chuckle. She wiped her eye. "Stop it!"


"Okay. Who is your best friend? My best friend is Gemma. She records me often, and she pops up in my videos sometimes."


x x x


"D- wow, spam of this question," She chuckled.


"Oh my god Harry's chuckle I heard it."


"Hethany is Hethany real?"


She read aloud the Hethany spam, and I stifled a laugh.


"Okay. So most of you are basically here for the grand finale; Hethany. Well. Is Hethany real?" She said, and I couldn't hold back anymore. I ran to her bed, jumped on her, and kissed her.


{Bethany's POV}


"Okay. So most of you are basically here for the grand finale; Hethany. Well. Is Hethany real?" I questioned, tapping my chin. Off guard, Harry ran to me and started kissing me, and turned it into a little makeout session. After we finished, I smiled, and sat back up.


"Yes. Yes it is real." I smiled, pecking his cheek. "Bye guys! See you soon!"


We both waved, holding hands.


I love this life.




So I ended it with something cute. Aw. Yes this is short, it's just a filler. And I wanted to make it like sad and stuff but Act My Age is just so cute. I just like imagine Niall listening to it in an Irish bar and all of them be like "YEAHHH" and  then they clunk the beer cups and start chugging and then start dancing to the irish musc and aw I just had to have it cute bc ugh my imagination w. this song. AND OMG DID YOU SEE THEM ON ELLEN? THEY WERE SO CUTE!! OMFGG DFAJHGKLAD "ITS FOUR AND ITS UNDERLINED SO YOU REMEMBER" AW MAN YOUR SO ADORBS MANN UGH <3

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