Living That Weird Life

Alexandria Rose Smith...the girl who's bullied. Carter Grace Simons...the girl who everyone loves. They are both best friends and love practically the same things. But then Niall James Horan and Harold Edward Styles comes into both of their lives? Love at first sight? Will Niall post something on Instagram that Alex hates and will she forgive or forget him? Will Harry and Carter stay together through the rough times? Read to find out!


2. Chapter One

-Alex's POV-


I groaned and hit my alarm clock. GREAT SCHOOL. *NOTE THE SARCASM!* I got out of bed and into the bathroom to take a shower. I got out 4 MINUTES LATER. Notice I take a shorter period than most girls. Haha!

-skip dressing-

I was wearing a plaid shirt and ripped skinny jeans. I got out of my room and walked down the stairs. Now my dad and I aren't that close as we used to be. I walked to the kitchen to find my dad.

"Hey dad."

"Hey Alexboo!"


"Dad why are you smiling?"

"With the help of Carter's mum, she and I knew you both wanted tickets!"

"Tickets to whe-"

Carter ran in the house screaming. OKAY SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON!

"Carter, calm your butt down! What's your deal?"

"My mum and your dad got us tickets to the One Direction concert! 5SOS is opening for them!"

I looked at the tickets in her hand, ran over, and took them out of her hands.


I ran over to dad and hugged him, he hugged back. It feels good to hug him again. As I looked over at the clock, I noticed that we had 5 minutes to get to school. I grabbed Carter and said bye to my dad. We hopped in my car.

-skip car ride and school-

We went to the mall.

"What stores do you want to go to Alex?"

I thought for a moment.

"Forever 21, American Eagle, Rue 21, and Vans."

-skip shopping-

I got a floral cardigan, ripped skinnys, and a SURF tank top from Forever 21. A blue dress that stops 3 inches above my knees, a floral scarf, normal skinny jeans, a CALIFORNIA tank top, and a tan cardigan from American Eagle. A NO REGRETS beanie, a FUCK OFF beanie, a BITCH beanie, a blue SnapBack, a Olaf frozen sweatshirt, a blue crop top, a black crop top, destroyed skinny jeans, and bleached skinny jeans from Rue 21. Galaxy vans, a floral beach SnapBack, a pink wallet, hipster sunglasses, a blue with orange wheels penny board, a feather force tee, and faded skinny jeans. Carter didn't get anything except for a pair of vans, a sweatshirt, ripped skinny jeans, and a BITCH PLEASE beanie since she wanted to help pay for mine.

I got done dropping Carter off at her house and I just got in mine. I saw a note from my dad on the counter.


I had to go somewhere. You need to make sure to make your own dinner. I won't be home until later tonight. I love you! - Dad


I sighed. He's gonna come back from a bar and be drunk. That's how it always goes. He's gonna beat me since he's drunk. I decided to eat Mac 'n Cheese.

-skip cooking-

I got out a bowl and a spoon and walked to the living room. I went onto Netflix and put on Shrek the Musical. For a while I went on Instagram and instantly regretted it. I was slapped in the face with hate comments.

'Go die Alex! No one needs you anyways!'

'You're fat! Stupid ass whore!'

'Ugly bitch!'

'Worthless girl on the planet!'

'Attention seeker! Go cut bitch!'

'You're a slut!'

I couldn't stand the hate! I ran upstairs and straight into my bathroom. I grabbed my second best friend, my razor. I knew that they were winning this way, but it gets too much. I made five cuts. The first one was just a scrape that will still leave a scar, by the fifth cut it was deep enough. I cleaned up and went back downstairs. I quickly ate the rest of my dinner. The time that I finished my dinner, my dad was home.

-skip beating-

I dragged myself upstairs and changed into sweatpants and a tee shirt. As soon as my head hit the pillow.

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