Living That Weird Life

Alexandria Rose Smith...the girl who's bullied. Carter Grace Simons...the girl who everyone loves. They are both best friends and love practically the same things. But then Niall James Horan and Harold Edward Styles comes into both of their lives? Love at first sight? Will Niall post something on Instagram that Alex hates and will she forgive or forget him? Will Harry and Carter stay together through the rough times? Read to find out!


5. Chapter 3

-Alex's POV-

I woke up at 5:00, and I couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to get ready anyways.

-skip shower-

I put on my purple high tops, my CALIFORNIA tank top, my grey cardigan, my faded skinny jeans, and my NO REGRETS beanie. I walked downstairs and walked into the kitchen. I walked to the fridge and grabbed an apple. I saw I got a text from Carter.


A-Alex and Cbug-Carter


Cbug- hey I don't need a ride today

A- why not

Cbug- my mum is sick and I'm helping her. And don't worry you're still coming over. Did your dad say that you can come?

A- yea

Cbug- okay see you tonight

I put my phone away and got in my car.

-skip car ride-

Ugh! I don't wanna be here. Those bitches be driving me crazy! Right now I have a free period, and I'm in the music room where I always am. The school is so rich, it's like a full recording studio. I got in front of the mic and started singing Warrior. Demi Lovato is my jam!

This is a story that I've never told

I've gotta get this off my chest to let it go

I need to take back the light inside you stole

You're a criminal and you steal like you're a pro...

-Niall Horan's POV-

We were taking a tour of North View High School. It was rather boring because the principal was trying to impress us. As we got to the music room, I heard this girl singing Warrior. Her voice is like an angels voice.

-Alex's POV-

...There's a part if me I can't get back

A little girl grew up too fast

All it took was once

I'll never be the same

Now I'm taking back my life today

Nothing left that you can say

Cause you are never gonna take the blame anyway...

-Niall's POV-

"Mr. Edwards, do you have any girls or guys that's interested in a music career?"

"Yes we do. Why do you ask. Mr. Horan?"

"Please, call me Niall. I just wanted to talk to them and give them advice."

"Well, we have one girl who has a free period right now."

"Perfect! What's her name?"

"Alexandria Smith."

"And where might I find her?"

"Music room." I really wanted to talk to this girl now that I know her name.


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