Living That Weird Life

Alexandria Rose Smith...the girl who's bullied. Carter Grace Simons...the girl who everyone loves. They are both best friends and love practically the same things. But then Niall James Horan and Harold Edward Styles comes into both of their lives? Love at first sight? Will Niall post something on Instagram that Alex hates and will she forgive or forget him? Will Harry and Carter stay together through the rough times? Read to find out!


3. A/N

Hey guys! I hope you liked that long chapter. Sorry if it didn't make sense. Haha. Tomorrow I'll have Carter's and maybe a lot more up! I'm thinking of starting a blog. Where should my blog be and what should I call it? I'm leaving the decision to you guys! Haha. I have a rough draft of this story that is 48 pages long already! It's on paper of course! Haha! I kinda changed some stuff or added some stuff. The listing for what Alex got wasn't on the rough draft, but guess what?! NO RAGRETS! Haha that's from We Are The Millers! Amazing movie! Haha but it's rated R! Oops! Haha! Bye amazing people!

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