Hold to the ones you love.

We all have our moments.


2. {1}|Vans Warped Tour|

{Laura’s POV}


“OMG Céline come in quick” I said has soon as she opened the door.


“Jeez woman calm your ovaries. What’s up?”


“Guess what?” I announced almost out of breath




“VANS WARPED TOUR. We are going to warped tour this summer.”


“No way!”


“Yeah way! it’s going to be so cool. OMG. Just think about it. Imagine I get to meet some singers.” I said staring at my Crown the Empire poster


“You probably are going to pass out if you ever meet Matty Mullins.” she paused for a second “When are we leaving who’s taking us, just a small reminders that my parents won’t ever let me go to Warped Tour alone”


“No silly don’t stress Luke’s coming and I think your brother and the other to.”


“How’d you convinced them?” she asked giving me her famous confused look or more like wtf look


“I didn’t”


“Lies” she giggles as Luke steps in my room half asleep.


{Luke’s POV}


I heard noise coming from my sister’s room, we lived together without our parents.


“What are you guys talking about? it’s 2am offs go to sleep” I said walking into her room.


“Hey Luke” Celine grinned


“What’s up miss Hood?” I don’t know why but i just loved calling her like this.


“Just talking about Warped Tour” My sister said cheerfully


Luke Robert Hemming tell your sister before she finds out on her own and decides to ignore you for the rest of your life


My consciousness kept repeating this sentence each time I was near her.


“Hey Earth to Luke” Celine and Laura screamed making me jump a bit. They started laughing.


“Listen Lau I got something very important to tell you” I let out as I looked into her beautiful green/greyish eyes.


“Yeah sure… I’m listening” 


“Look you have to promise first that you won’t get mad at me.”


“Luke Robert Hemmings, either you tell me what you have to tell, or all polite kick your ass out of my room” she gave me a serious look for a 16 year old girl she had a great matured but also had a whole lot of attitude.


“Okay I—” I was interrupted by the door bell.


Shit, she is going to kill me


I got down stair and opened the door.


{Laura’s POV}


Celine and I decided to see who was here, considering the fact that it was almost 3am.


“WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE!?” I shouted as soon as I realised that my ex-boyfriend was here.


“Laura I can expl—”


“What in the world got into you, how can you do this to me?”




“You what? Luke talk…. No actually don’t. I’ll be sleeping at Michael’s place. Don’t come looking for me”




“What do you want me to wait for Luke. My so-called father to lay a hand and me again. That’s not happening this man shouldn’t even be here in the first place” I turned towards the man who was meant to be my dad “You shouldn’t have come back, what do you want with us, they should never have let you out of prison” I shouted.


“Laura..” Luke grabbed my arm.


“No Luke” I yanked my arm out of his grip and stormed out slam the from door behind me.




I grabbed my shoes, my coat and left, I walked Celine over to her house and then slowly made my why over to Michael’s house


{Mikey’s POV}


I heard a knock coming from the from door, who could be coming here at 3am ffs, I thought to my self. I got out of my bed and opened the door to find Laura standing there.


“God, Lau. what are you d—” I articulate


“I..Mikey..I..My dad…Luke…” she stuttered before breaking down into my arms


“Hey, it’s gonna be alright.. shh.” I pulled her into my house and sat her down on the sofa, Ashton was upstairs on the phone with his mom. I grabbed a small bottle of water and handed it to her.


“Lau, what’s the matter?”


“It’s Luke and….and…My dad is home..and…God…”


“Hey i think you need some rest its almost 4am. We can talk tomorrow when you’ll be less tired” I said leading her to my bedroom 


“Mikey, I can sleep on the couch you don’t have to…”


“Actually I do, who in the whole wide world would let such a beautiful young girl sleep on the couch?” I said, causing her to pull out a small grin.


“Thanks” I kissed her forehead and left the room


{Laura’s POV}


When I woke up I wasn’t in my bed, but in Mikey’s bed. I got up i made my way down stairs where I found Ash making pancakes.


“Hey…hum…Ashton, where’s Michael?”


“Oh hey, he’s taking a shower” he smiled “Hey did you sleep over or something?”


“Right. Thanks” I shifted uncomfortably, ”Yeah, did so”. Thank god at that same moment Mikey walked in.


“Hey, sleep well?” I swear his smile could light up the whole world.


“Still a bit knocked out, but yeah pretty much” I said trying but failing —epically—to smile back 


“PANCAKES ARE DONE” Ashton shouted, as if we weren’t in the same room already


“Ash, we can hear you” Mikey said as he pulled me into a hug, we were alway this close and a lot of people questioned why we were not a couple, “Let’s go eat” he whispered softly into my ear “then we can talk” he pecked my cheek then pulled out of the hug. We made our way to the kitchen table. Once we were all done eating Ashton left the house saying he’d be back in a few, leaving the both of us alone.


“So..why’d you come so late last night? what’s wrong?” Mikey let out while doing the dishes


“Well..lets just say Luke and I got into a fight” I said looking down at my feet


“What happened?” I gave me a concerned look


“My dad is home, and it is over my strength to see this man in my house, I…I..just can’t, Mich—”


“Did Luke actually do that to you?” He said cutting me


“Well I guess so. Look I don’t want to bother you with this. Those are my family issues, I’ll just suck it all up. But thanks for letting me stay avon last night.” I said abruptly standing off my chair but before i could walk away Michael had his arm wrapped around me




“shh baby girl, I know how pissed you might be right now but you can’t stay mad at Luke forever, and I am not going to let your dad go anywhere near you” He murmured in my hear as I started sobbing in his shirt


“I know I can’t just stay mad at Luke..but…its just to hard”


“We can find a way to make your dad leave but you will have to talk to Luke and eventually forgive him.” He announced, I pulled out of the hug stared into his green eyes


“Why are you alway so nice to me?”


“What do you mean?”He frowned 


“Michael you are always so nice to me and you always take my defence even when you know I am wrong and—“ before I was able to finish my sentence his lips were on mine so soft, we started moving are lips in sync, his hand found their way towards my waist and grabbed it pulling me closer to him I threw my hand around his neck depending the kiss, I felt his tongue on my bottom lip and opened mouth giving him entrance and letting out a small moan as our tongues started dancing together. 


“Michael..” I pulled out of the kiss “This is wrong”


“Look I’m…so sorry this won’t happen again”


“Don’t apologise. I..just..the..thing is..I really like you,but—” I stopped there not wanting to hurt him even more, this kiss meant so much to me, but we can’t happen Luke will kill him, he literally did everything for me and Harry to break up when he found out, and bravo to him it worked.


“But?” He started at me for awhile


“We. Just. Can’t”


“Can’t what” he was clearly confused


{Mikey’s POV}


“We. Just. Can’t”


“Can’t what” I asked clearly confused


“Look, this is not easy for me.. but Luke.. he won’t like that.. plus you are 4 year older than me.”


“Like you’ve never dated older guys” I let out with an inch of annoyance in my voice


“It’s not like that Michael.” she half shouted with tears filling her eyes


“Than whats it like? Harry was 5 god damn years older then you”


“I need some air”


{Laura’s POV}


“Than whats it like? Harry was 5 god damn years older then you”


“I need some air” I walked out of his house and started walking toward an abandoned park, which was the park me and Luke used to go play in when we were younger.


 My phone started going off it was Luke calling.


Lau: What do you want, I sighted 

Lukey: Hey Lau, I am very sorry, look can I pick you up so that we can talk, I really don’t want to fight with you right now.

Lau: I don’t know..

Lukey: Please, I promise He won’t be there 

Lau: Okay

Lukey: Have you been crying your voice is funny

Lau: No, I lied, I think I might be getting a cold, pick me up at our place, don’t ask questions just come I need you right now

Lukey: be there in 10 min

Lau: Okay


—15 minutes later—


“Hope in” Luke said as his car drove passed me


I got into the car and instantly broke down, goddanm Laure could you keep it in, I thought.


“Hey, Laura..what’s up? what do you have? Is it me?”


“No it’s not you” I said between sobs


“You know you can tell me everything” he pulled me into a hug, Luke could be the most annoying kid on the planet sometime, but he was the best brother I have ever had and I wouldn’t change that for anything.


“It..it’s nothing, y-you said you n-nee-needed to talk, s-so I am listening”


“erm, alright then, your father came here last night because he wanted to talk to mom, and thought she was here, I told him we lived alone and that mom did not want to have anything to do with him anymore, you know i’d never do anything to hurt you, right?”


“Luke, I need you to promise me something” I said kinda worried?


“Anything for you princess”


“You will always be there for me even if we get in a huge ass fight”


“Promise” He sang, make burst out in laughter “Let go get some ice-cream”


“Sounds great” I smiled 


We got into an ice-cream store and grabbed our ice-cream and walked towards the beach, the sun was setting we had such a beautiful view on the sea.


“Luke can I tell you something?” I said looking towards the sunset




“Please don’t get mad” I announced as we both turned our face so that we could see each others eyes


“I can’t promise” He said nervously biting his lower lip


“Well erm..I kinda.. Me and Michael.. we kissed” I said shyly


“You what?”


“We just kissed, and that’s it I told him nothing would happen between us” each word i spoke felt like somehow was planting daggers my heart 


“Good” he said


“Good” I frowned “Good is the only thing you have to say to, I am Fucking putting my feelings to the side just because I know you will not be okay with me dating Mikey or any other boy for that matter, and all you fucking say is good” I shouted


“What do you want me to say Laura” He paused, “I am not doing any of this to hurt you, don’t you fucking get it?”


“I actually don’t Luke, everything you do is take away everything and anyone who makes me feel worth something on this bloody planet”


“Why are you being so selfish” He shouted back


“I am the selfish one? Wake up Luke. You have a HUGE sign over your head that says selfish, and it glows. FFS.” I yelled as tears started streaming down my face


{Luke’s POV}


“Why are you being so selfish” I shouted back


“I am the selfish one? Wake up Luke. You have a HUGE sign over your head that says ‘egocentric’, and it glows. FFS.” She yelled as tears started streaming down her face


Shit.Way to go Luke. “I—Laura. Jeez, I am so sorry. I—I didn’t mean to”


“You did not mean to? Go fuck yourself Luke, I never should’ve agreed to come back to Australia, I really thought you’d change, but apparently this was just another sick idea of mine.”


She can’t just say that, that truly hurt. I glared at her for a couple seconds before talking back


“You know what maybe you are right maybe you should’ve said in London, I would not have to deal with your b.s. attitude 24/7” I wish I had never let those words out of my mouth, but you can’t take back what you say. Luke your are a fucking idiot, you just made up with your sister, and you make her feel like shit again, why can’t you just use your brain? Fucktard, I thought as I saw her walk/run away. I just stayed there, I was prettified and I hated my guts.


{Laura’s POV}


I walked as fast as I could and as far as could away from the boy i used look up to and call my brother. It was getting quite cold out, and i had a bit of money on me so I decided to sleep in a hotel for the night, I could help but recall the passionate kiss I shared with Michael. Just the memory of the way he was touching me gave me shivers. It had been two days and nights that I was in this hotel, after debating with myself on wether I should take a walk or not I got up, and walked towards to beach not bothering to fix myself. I got arrived at the beach took my shoe shoes of and walked as close as i could to the water. After about walking for an hour my phone started going off it was Céline:


L: Hey

C: OMG, Laura, where the hell are you?

L: In Narnia

C: I being serious here its been two days since no one’s heard of you

L: Dude, I am fine chillax. —Chill+Relax—

C: Tell me where you are please, I really need to talk to you for starters and two Warped Tour is in less than 5 days

L: Listen I’ll just walk over to your place I am not far anyway, and I’ve also got a bunch of stuff to tell you. See you in a few

C: Alright then see ya.


I arrived at Céline’s place, i just opened to door and walked in (I never knocked she’s my bestfriend, I even had a spare key to her house and so did she to mine.), only to be greeted by Calum who looked me up and down before pulling in the tightest hug ever.


“Calum. Can’t. Breathe.” I said


“Oh sorry. hmm, you’ve got Luke worried sick, do you know that?”


“I really don’t care about Luke right now, where’s C?”


“Upstairs.” he pointed at the staircase, and I slowing walked up into C’s room.


“Hand me a towel and some clothes I need to shower” I said barging into her room.


“Here” she threw some clothes and a towel at “And.. um, yes I am doing okay thanks for asking after me” she shouted as I made my way to the washroom.


Once I was done showering i got back into her room and explained to her everything that had happened and why I had disappeared form the surface of earth.


“YOU AND MIKEY KISSED” she shouted, almost making me jump.


“Shut the heel up, they entire universe does not need to know for heavens sake.” 


“Sorry. anyways so you and Luke got in a fight because of that?” she sighted “that’s one of the stupidest reasons to get in a fight”


“I know” I admitted “but he started it”


“Call him”








“Do not start with me Laura”


“Fine” I pretended to pout than took my phone out and dialled Luke’s number.


Lukey: Hey.

Lau: Look, I’m calling to apologise. but if you are going to be all moody or if to give me any attitude—

Lukey: Alright, listen I am the one who should apologise to you right now, I just don’t want you getting hurt, you are my baby sister, my everything—

Lau: Please spare me the speech. 

Lukey: Hum sure, so are you coming home soon cause we are leaving for Warped Tour in three days.

Lau:  I am at C’s and Cal’s place and will be home sometime tomorrow.

Lukey: Ok. see you tomorrow then love you, stay out of trouble. oh yeah and be safe.

Lau: I love you too, jackass


“What it that bad?” Celine questioned me once I had hung up, I playfully pinched her


“Let’s go eat I am starving.” I said she laughed a bit then followed me to the kitchen


We grabbed some junk food and sat at the table, Calum was upstairs probably watching dump youtube video’s.


“So are you planning on telling wether you actually have a crush on Michael, or dis that kiss not mean anything to you, because last time I checked you told me you started having feeling for Ashton” she said poking me


“Look I don’t know its so messed up, I like Mikey but I love Ash, and I think I still do have some kind of affection towards Harry”


“Jezz, this is more complicated then I thought, well first all all, you need to forget your beloved Harry because he isn’t worth it. Second, you need to call Mikey, because you can’t just let your be pulled in a —from what you’ve told me— pretty hot makeup session and just runaway.”


“I don’t think Mike is going to want to talk to me, I’ll talk to him in person when i’ll see him,” I paused “I swear” I added noting to look she was giving me and that’s when Calum walked in


“YOU KISSED MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD” he said  / more like yelled in both surprise and disappointment.


“Wow, why’d you use the full name?” I asked confused


“Not relevant. You answer me first” he said.


“Yes I did why do you sound so mad dude”.


{Calum’s POV}


“YOU KISSED MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD” I said  / more like yelled in both surprise and disappointment.


“Wow, why’d you use the full name?”she gave me a confused look but i just brushed it off


“Not relevant. You answer me first” I said.


“Yes I did. Why do you sound so mad dude?”


“Because you fucking pushing him away.”


“And so what?”


“You gotta bling not to fucking see it” I said half shocked half disappointed, I mean come on Mikey’s been talking bout her since the day they met. How can;t you not realise the way she looks at her.


“Just fucking tell me what’s up” she said with slight tone of annoyance in her voice


“Michael’s has been in love with you for 2 years now” I said 


“what?” Her jaw dropped, she got off the couch and pushed me out the way.


{Laura’s POV}


“Michael’s has been in love with you for 2 years now” He said 


“what?” I looked at him shocked, how could he be in love with me for so long and i never realised it.


Michael’s has been in love with you for 2 years now….Michael’s has been in love with you for 2 years now….Michael’s has been in love with you for 2 years now I couldn’t get those words out of my head, as I walked out of Calum’s house, I speed walked to Mikey’s house and knocked several time when he opened the door i pulled him in me and kissed he lips then whispered in his ear “I think I am in love with you…Michael…I love you”.


{Michael’s POV}


I heard some knocking at the front door, Laura was standing there, i was about to close the door when she pulling me into a kiss, it was almost magical.


“I think I am in love with you” She whispered in my ear ”Michael…I love you”


“I love you too” I said.



{Laura’s POV} |Four days later|


“Holly shit. We. Actually. Are. At. Warped. Tour.” I shouted out of breathed form running around with excitement.


“Laura it’s been the 50th time you said this in about 30 seconds” Luke teased.


“Let’s enjoys some shows. We are just in time for Memphis May Fire” Pulling through a sea of people.


We arrived to the scene.—Front Row— 


“Are you ready for the show?” Were Matty Mullins Words. And they started singing. I also fainted, to much emotions. They played: Alive in the lights —Beneath the skin — Losing sight (featuring. Danny Worsnop) — Miles Away (feat.  Kellin Quinn) — Speechless — No Ordinary Love — Pharisees — The Rose — Need to be — Divinity. I the order.


After about an hour and a half of moshing, and singing, the concert was done. Celine had hooked up with some dude with funny looking hair, he said he was a youtuber, Veeoneeye/Veetwoeye. Oh well. I left then. I started looking for my boyfriend. (Of yeah forget to mention Mikey and I were dating, but Luke did not know about it.). I was walking and bumped into someone when I looked up I was face to face with Andrew Biersack, my now dropped. 


“Oh, I am sorry did not see you” He said. 


“Um..Yea. It-it’s fi-fine” I stuttered.


“You lost? you seem a bit confused”


“yeah- I- was searching- um looking for my bro-brother. Um. Luke-Luke Hemmings.”


“Um, Alright, I will help you find him, isn’t he in a band?”


“Ye-yeah 5SoS”


“What?” he asked, clearly confused.


“Stands for 5 Seconds of Summer, my name’s Laura by the way. ”


“Nice to meet you um Laura than I am-” I cut him off


“Andrew- Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides, I know, I am a big fan. Now I will shut up before I scare you away.” I smiled, he laughed. After a while of talking and looking for Luke, I saw Mikey and called him over.


“Hey Michael”


“Sup babe? I thought you were watching Memphis May fire with Celine, where is she? wait… who’s that?” he walked over and stared questioning me.


“It’s done. And Celine hooked up with some Youtuber. And that’s Andy Biersack you dump-ass” I giggled.


“Oh Um. Hey. Michael Clifford.. Laura’s boyfriend.” He said hesitantly 


“Nice to meet you Andrew Biersack, well Laura I guess I am going to get going, you have my number if you ever get lost again. Peace man.” he smiled and walked away.


“Where are the others?” I asked?


“I don’t know, but for now there only you and I” he said pulled me closer. Our lives touched and started moving in sync, his hands moved from my back to my waist. He gave me small kissed on the neck, and picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he hands reached my ass, he deepened the kiss causing me to moan, I started playing with his hair. We moved towards his tent not breaking the kiss, he laid me down on his sleeping bag I tugged on his shirt, he left love marks on my collard bone before removing his shirt, I took mine off as well. My hand slid down from his neck to his chest, he bit my ear lobe making me moan several time. I started removing my shorts, he removed his pants before placing small kisses on my breast, he undone my bra, kissed me down to my stomach, grabbed my panties with his teeth and slowly removed them, before taking his boxers of. He got into me.


“Michael…” I whispered


“Uhm” He moan, I could feel him get deeper into me.


“This..it’s my first time.” I said,


“I’ll be gentle.” He whispered, as our bodies were moving.


“thanks,” I had my hands on his back, he started thrusting slowly onto me, it hurt a bit, but it felt amazingly good.


“Michael…I want more” I whispered, he nodded kissed my lips, and started going in deeper and faster.


{Laura’s POV} |the morning after|


“Good morning” I said


“Hey beautiful, slept well?” he questioned.


“Yeah, you?”


“Pretty good to. C’mom let’s go get something to eat” 


“It’s 7am Mikey.” I mumbled into the sleeping bag


“I know, but it probably would be best is Luke did not see you walking out of here wish love bites all over you body.”


“Good point” I said trying to gett up, my ‘part’ was hurting a bit. “I am not sure I can walk” I said. he laughed.


“ ‘Course you can.” He said helping me up.


We walked to my tent, I told him to wait outside so I could get changed, once I was done, I grabbed my phone and my purse, and I met him out.


After we had gotten breakfast we walked for a bit and sat down on the deserted scene, Michael got up and tagged me


“Your tag catch me if you can” he said speed walking away.


“Are you for real?” I laughed, and started chasing him. “Ha got you, your the tag now” I said  sticking my tongue out at him before running away, when he caught me he picked me up and started tickling me.


“PleaseStop..I..GiveUp.” I said struggling to catch my breathe.


“Okay. Fine.” I put me down stared into my eyes “Hey, I love you” he pecked my mouth


“I love you too” I said.


“What?” I said as I realised he was still staring at me


“Nothing” he smiled and kissed me softly. I puck my arms around his neck as he out his around my waist deepening the kiss.


“Laura. Anne. Hemmings.” I pulled away from the kiss as I herd my brother voice


“shit” I mumbled .


Luke was walking closer to me and Michael, shit shit shit I though to myself


“Yea-Yes?” I stuttered as he got nearer


“Why the hell where you two making out!?” He shouted.


“Look.. I can explain it all to you just—” He cut me off and directed he glare in Mikey’s direction


“Why were you making with my sister?” He said in a steady tone.


“Well—” He did not let him finish and turned back towards me


“I know, but.—”


“But what?” He shouted.


“I am in love with Michael.” I shouted back “You can’t just decided who is good and who’s bad for me. I am not 12 any more.”


“No in fact you are not 12, but you are only 16 Laura. you really think I am going to let you date someone who is 4 damn years older then you” He yelled. 


“Well that someone means more to me than you ever will.”A tears rolled down my cheek, and I decided to take off. I pushed Mikey out of my way and run away.


{Luke ’s POV}


“Hey, we’re not done here” I said starting to walk towards her but Mikey held me back I just pushed him off and went back into my tent.


{Laura’s POV}


I ran as far away as I could and sat down behind a booth, for some odd reason i always had a blade with me —don’t relapse I thought— but before I knew it the blade had already kissed my skin several time, I started cutting deeper and deeper, until I felt a hand on my shoulder, I stopped cutting and sobbing and I looked up —why the hell are Alan and Austin ‘round here? I thought—


“Hey you alright?” Alan said


“ ‘Course she not idiot” Austin whispered “What wrong?” He stepped infant of me an realised there was blood dripping onto the floor “Are you hurt?” He took a look at my arm and realised I had done this to myself. He pulled me into a hug causing me to cry harder. 


After they’d put some bandages around my wrists we exchanged number to keep in touch incase I needed someone to talk to or to simply hangout with. I made my way toward my tent, and found Céline and the boys hanging out with Alex and Jack. I just passed by and walked straight into my tent, I was not ready to face anyone at the moment i just need to be alone, plus my stomach was hurting a lot.


I decided to text Andy, I didn’t wether it was a good idea or not but I still went for it:


*L: Hey

A: G’morning

L: You available later? 

A: yeah sure what you want to do?

L: Just hang out. 

A: Okay, meet me near the BVB’s booth in 10 mins.

L: Alright see ya.*


{Andy’s POV}


My phone vibrated in my pocket so I checked, it was a text message from this girl..Laura was her name I think, she wanted to hang out so I told her to meet me near my band’s booth. 10 minutes later I saw a girl walking over, she had black hair with blue and purple highlights, she was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a ’NIRVANA’ crop top revealing her belly button peircing, must be her I though and greeted her.


“Hey, you looking pretty hot” I smirked


“I have a boyfriend” She joked “I you have a girlfriend”


I laughed before adding “Anyways how are you today?”


“Do you want me to be honest” she said shyly


“I’d actually like that” I smiled as she looked up 


“Well, how I am doing…” she mumbled “Ok I guess”


“Hey” I nudged her arm playfully “I said I wanted to real answer” I gave me a weak smile


“Remember Michael?”


“Yeah, why?” I questioned 


“Well, why brother, um Luke, he doesn’t approve of our relationship, so we kinda were dating but secretly, and this morning Luke saw us waking out and got and pissed. I mean Michael is one of his best friends and I don’t know why he doesn’t trust him” she said, I pulled her into a hug she teared up a bit but did not cry. She pulled out of my grasp and smiled.


“Hum..right” she said awkwardly “How are you doing”


“I am doing okay got a gig later this afternoon” I glanced down at her wrists realising she had some bandage who were slowing turning to bright red. “What’s the bandages for?”


“Nothing, I don’t want to talk about it..really..I’m fine” I could tell she was lying but I did not want to sound pushy so a just let flow, even tho it bothered me a lot.


{Laura’s POV}


I need to sort things out with Luke, before things get bad. I thought, as I walk towards him and his friends.


“Hey guys.” I said,


“Hey” they replied, Michael briefly looked at me then walked away. don’t I need you I thought as the sight of him got blurry.


“Luke” I whispered “We have to talk now.”


“I have nothing to say to you” he said in a harsh tone.


“Please” I begged. He finally accepted and we walked for a while stopped being some random booth, and started talking.


“What do you want?” He said.


“Um” I looked at my feet


“I don’t have all day Laura, either you talk or just leave me the fuck alone”.


“I need you to tell me.” i mumbled.


“Tell you what?” He said.


{Luke’s POV}


“What do you want?” I said.




“I don’t have all day Laura, either you talk or just leave me the fuck alone” I snapped 


“I need you to tell me.” she mumbled.


“Tell you what?” I snapped again, I was already upset enough what did she want blessing for her wedding with someone 15 years older than her,


“Why? why are you being like this? Why do you always feel like you need to control my life?” She said with a shaking voice


“Because I am your older brother and I don’t want you getting hurt!” I shouted.


“Is that really the only fucking reason, because whenever I finally feel happy with someone you have to butt-in and ruin everything” she snapped in a hight toned voice, I saw something that seemed like bandages on her wrist so I grabbed her arms


“What the heel is that?” I said,


“None of your business.” she snapped tears coming out her eyes who were no longer their green/greyish color but slightly blue which only happened when she was sad.


“Laura Anne Hemmings I ask you a question” I shouted.


“Well I answered it Lucas Robert Hemming. Now will you let go of my arm, your hurting me.” she shouted back. I let go her her and walked away I can’t believe she relapsed. I stopped turn to her and announced


“You can’t just harm yourself and tell me it’s nothing. I am not stupid you know.” then turned back around wiping a single tear of my cheek.


{Laura’s POV}


Bullshit. you don’t care, your just being selfish I thought. I mean really. what he said did not even make any sense.

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