The Cool Zone Carnival

When teenager, Jennifer, and a group of friends decide to go to a 'fake abandoned' carnival on Halloween night, what will they find? Will they make it out alive? Will there be love? Hate? Death? Only time shall tell.


1. Introduction~ Characters~

I walked out of my house to see my group of friends waiting for me, let me introduce ourselves. I, Jennifer, am a 17 year old girl. Pale white. I have ,natural, brown hair, with hot pink high lights. I have brown eyes, and little gauges. I have snake bites and my hair is like scen-ish/ emo styled. I have 'buddy holly' glasses. They are prescription. And I just got out of a relationship with my ex-girlfriend xc. My group of friends consists of;

Kevin: tan 18 years old, black hair with blonde streak. Not too long. Scene. Brown eyes, gauges, and canine bites. Dating Brittany.

Angelina: 18 years old. Tan. Brown, blonde hair, brown eyes. Dating Chay.

Chay: 18 years old, light brown, brown hair, brown eyes. Dating Angelina.

And last, but certainly least :), Brittany: 17 years old. Bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, (spray) tan. Dating Kevin. 

That's us, so yeah! Byeee



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