The Cool Zone Carnival

When teenager, Jennifer, and a group of friends decide to go to a 'fake abandoned' carnival on Halloween night, what will they find? Will they make it out alive? Will there be love? Hate? Death? Only time shall tell.


3. Chapter 3~ It's Over.

"I made it over to the group and Kevin ran up next to me and grabbed my hand. I looked at him, and he just smiled, and continued walking. Brittany came over looking pissed off, slapped me. 

"Hello to you too" I said sarcastically.

"Why did you hit her?" Kevin said.

"Because she was all up on you, and uh! Is that her lipstick?! On your cheek?!" she squealed.

"Nope. It's my mascara... On his hair." I said simply.Kevin squeezed my hand, telling me to stop. I shook my head. 

"No. I'm so done with her-" I'm cut off by Brittany slapping me again.

"Bruh" I said. I then punched her in the nose, breaking it. I heard the snap. She looked like she was about to cry.

"Why can't you give me a second chance? You're so mean to me.. what did I ever do to you?" she whines.

"Listen here, 'Britt' I gave you so many 'second' chances that I'm pretty sure I'm breaking the laws of nature.I am NOT mean to YOU. As soon as you even met Kevin, you automatically hated me. Did I know why?! No. I didn't! You always made fun of me, because I liked 'emo' music, because I wear all black. Because I like dark colours. Because I was an Outcast! Never once did you even TRY to be nice to me. You act as if I'm in the way for something! What could I possibly be in the way of? A boy? Please, no one likes me. Head cheerleader? No, I can't stand cheerleading. Friends? Nope. I only have 3. So what could it possibly be?" I said. She looked shocked.

"You have always been the one to attract the guys!" she tried to accuse me of. I made a 'wtf' face and she knew I saw through her lie. 

"Yeah, sureee. That's why I'm fudging single!" I yelled. She huffed, and said two words to Kevin.

"It's over." and stalked off.



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