Forever & Always.

Kathy has no idea what she is doing, when her best friend (Camile) asked her to follow some random guy on twitter, Camile met him online and became friends with him.
Kathy and the guy started texting, and soon everything becomes tangled when they fall inlove but lives in different countries.


3. Skype.

After a few days we had really started to text each other.

I thought he was a cool, and funny guy, but then again he was kinda weird.


A night, when i was bored, i got an idea.

I wanted to skype him, so i texted him.

"Hey, wanna skype?" I pressed send, and suddently he relied.

"Sure, call me" i smiled and went on skype.

It was going to be pretty weird, cus Camile was the one who knew him, and then i was the one calling him on skype.


I didnt even have makeup on, cus he was becoming my friend, so i didnt care.

Friends like you the way you are.


So i went on skype, and called him.

At first, i was shy and held alittle back.

But the more i talked to him, the more i opened up and let him in.

He was an amazing guy and he was really cute.


I remember that i laughed alot, and i had fun talking to him.

At some point, he called me beautiful, and that was when i knew it.

He was going to be one of my best friends in a long time.


I didnt even care about my looks, the entire time we talked.


I got to know him that night.

We talked for hours, about random stuff.

I thought he was pretty funny, and a cool guy.


He kept smiling at me.

"What is it?" He kept smiling.

"I dont know, its just your eyes" I looked weird at him.

"What is wrong with them?" He giggled.

"They are amazing" I blushed.

"Why do you say that?" I covered my eyes.

"Because its true" He smiled again.


I dont know what he thought about me, but i didnt think about anything else then how kind and cute he was.


I remember that we both fell asleep on skype,on cam.

I guess we just had to much fun to actually say goodbye.

It was one of the most perfect nights ever.

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