Forever & Always.

Kathy has no idea what she is doing, when her best friend (Camile) asked her to follow some random guy on twitter, Camile met him online and became friends with him.
Kathy and the guy started texting, and soon everything becomes tangled when they fall inlove but lives in different countries.



#How it all started#

My best friend Camile never knew when to shut up.

Dont get me wrong, i love her and all that, but that girl never shuts up.


My name is Kathy, im 16 years old and i live in Denmark, on a little island called Als, near the boarder to Germany.


One night, i was skyping Camile.

Mostly like we did every night.

It was summer vacation, so it had becomed every single night these last couple of days.

We got bored, so we started joking around.

"Kathy! Lets go on OMEGLE and see if we can find each other!"

I giggled. "Camile, we're already on skype?" She looked mad at me.

"I know, but it could be so much fun! We just dont put on the cam on OMEGLE and just try to find each other with a black screen" I laughed.

"Fine, everytime i see a black screen i'll write Luke and if its you then anwser with Michael." 

She nodded, and then we went on OMEGLE.


After a few minutes, we still couldnt find each other and just started joking around with people, while we were will skyping each other.


Suddenty, Camile started laughing really hard.

I looked weird at her, and stopped talking.

"Camile?" She looked at me, and smiled.

"This guy is so random!" I got huge eyes, and thought she was going crazy.

"What guy?" She kept laughing.

"This Bri-bri guy" She tried to catch her breath as she smiled at the screen.

"Omg, he has a youtube channel and stuff" I nodded.

"Cool i guess" She smiled again, and looked at me.

"I just told him that i was talking to you, we're gonna be in his next youtube video" 

She giggled again, and started texting him again.


after a few minutes, she looked at me.

"Kathy, we need to go find him on Twitter and follow him!"

I was just sitting in my own thoughts. "Okay, whatever" 

I smiled, and got back to scrolling on facebook.


After a while, Camile looked at me.

"He is gone now" I smiled.

"Did you get his Twitter name?" Her eyes got big.
"Oh, shit! i forgot!" I started laughing.

"Oh well, then i guess we will never get to follow random guy on Twitter" I got on twitter and looked at my profile.

"I know what his name is! Wait i'll go find him!" I looked weird at her.

"What's his name?" She started searching and qucikly looked at me.

"Uhm, Brandon" 

"Wait, where is he from?" She made her thinking face and smiled.

"Ireland" I giggled.

"Cool" She nodded and found him on twitter! 

"I found him!" She told me his twitter name, and then i started following him.

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