Forever & Always.

Kathy has no idea what she is doing, when her best friend (Camile) asked her to follow some random guy on twitter, Camile met him online and became friends with him.
Kathy and the guy started texting, and soon everything becomes tangled when they fall inlove but lives in different countries.


8. Jealous.

He made me feel like the most loved girl in the world.

Even when i  was with my friends, he just talk to them too over skype like they knew each other.

They do now, he made a few friends here in Denmark.


He was so amazing, and i loved him a little bit more for every day to pass by.

He couldnt do anything that would make me give up on him, at that point.

I admit, i got pretty jealous all the time.


like this one time, my friend Natalie started texting him, like she didnt know i was with him...

I remember feeling so nervous all the time, cus i knew that she was so much prettier than me.

and thinner...


I loved him more than i'd ever loved anyone, but i had my doubts about if he would stay with me because i was me or if he would leave me cus we lived far apart, and i wasnt like other girls.

I was different, i still am.

I'll never change.

Permently i mean.


I remember the first time he looked at me on skype, and told me that he loved me.

I felt so warm inside, and couldnt stop smiling.

I kept thinking that he was the one.

but then again nothing lasts forever, so who knew.


We fighted alot.

Like real bad at some points.

I felt so bad every single time.

i kept blaming him for everything instead of listening to him.

I was the one to blame.

I still am.


I wonder if he still thinks back at that and feels as bad about it as i do.

But yeah.


I think it was the distance that made it hard for us.

He kept telling me how much he wanted to feel my lips against his, and how much he wished i could cuddle up in bed with him..

and it broke my heart every time, cus i had to say that i couldnt...


After a week into our relationship, it felt like i'd known him forever, like i was just ment to know him.

I dont know if he felt like that too, but im sure im not the only one who thought a long distance relationship wasnt that hard, but the truth is that it is so damn hard just to remember to text each other enough and tell the person in a different country that you actually love them without you have ever even met the person in real life.


I remember that at some point i was joking around about having a baby, just because i wanted to see his reaction.

but when i first brought it up, he was so open about it and said "Lets have our first time, first and then if you still want a baby after that. lets do it"

It was like he was planning our life together.

I'd never talked with a boyfriend about having a baby before that.

we even talked about him going to Denmark and start studying here as we lived together and got a baby and stuff.


Some dreams, are just ment not to be lived.

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