Forever & Always.

Kathy has no idea what she is doing, when her best friend (Camile) asked her to follow some random guy on twitter, Camile met him online and became friends with him.
Kathy and the guy started texting, and soon everything becomes tangled when they fall inlove but lives in different countries.


7. Chinese.

After a few weeks, he didnt talk about any other girls with me.

I felt like he had shot me out, or maybe he liked someone again.

I didnt know, all i knew was that i didnt want to get so close to losing him again.


One evening when we were skyping, he looked at me.

and he kept looking.

I just kept smiling, cus i didnt know what to do.

I tried to "wake him up" if you know what i mean.

I waved my hands infront of the camera and yelled Brandon a few times.

A few seconds later, he shoke his head and smiled at me.


I laughed at him, and just looked at him while saying "what?"

He smiled and anwsered me. "You look different" 

i looked at myself in the camera and then looked back weird at him.

"No i dont? I didnt change anything" 

He kept looking.

"Yes you did, cus somehow you look even more beautiful than yesterday" 

I blushed and tried to hide my face under my hair.


I wondered what he thought i had changed.

Cus  i didnt.

I looked exactly the way i looked yesterday.

Well with another set of clothes and that but you know.


I couldnt take it anymore.

I had to tell him how much i liked him.

I even started to actually notice that i loved him.

I was inlove with him.

He had to know.


the next day, i wrote him a long message saying how much i loved him, and that i knew he couldnt do long distance relationships, and i understood and i didnt want anything to change between us.

But just as i thought i had ruined everything, he told m how he felt about all of this, in three simple letters.

In chinese... 0.o

and he wouldnt tell me what that ment.

but he had to go, and just told me to google translate it.

I quickly opened up google translate on my phone and pasted those three letters and made them into english.

I've never been so happy about google translate as i was that day.

Those three letters wrote the best world i'd ever heard.

"I love you"

I couldnt stop smiling, and got exited and suddently yelled OMG in the middle of my class room.

Everyone looked at me, including my bestfriend Jakob.

"What the fuck Kathy?" 

I looked down and shoke my head. "Sorry"


I quickly texted him.


but ofcourse he couldnt anwser.

I walked around in school all day and just wanted for that moment when i got home so he could anwser.


FINALLY it became 3 PM and i could go home! 

I ran towards my house after getting off the bus and hurried into my computer.

He wasnt online yet...

I sighed and fell asleep.

and woke up by the sound of my facebook beebing at me.

1 new message.

It was from Brandon.


"Yeah i know"

I kept smiling and anwsered.

"Do you really love me?" 

He anwsered pretty quickly.


But i had to play dumb and make him proof it.


A few seconds later i got a snapchat, got tagged in an instagram picture and got mentioned on twitter and even on facebook.


Snapchat: I love you Kathy. It was even on his mystory.

Facebook: Jeg elsker dig Kathy. It was in Danish and ment I love you.

Instagram: The picture from snapchat and i got tagged.

Twitter: Jeg elsker dig Kathy once again.


I felt like crying.

Everything i'd been dreaming about for atleast 3-4 months had finally come true.


I didnt know how to react.

So i just kinda couldnt stop smiling.

He loved me and i loved him.


At the end of the day, we skyped.

He looked at me.

I smiled.


I nodded and kept smiling.

"Im so inlove with you" 

I blushed.

"Im crazy about you too" 


I dont know how it ended up like that, but i was happy it did.

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