Forever & Always.

Kathy has no idea what she is doing, when her best friend (Camile) asked her to follow some random guy on twitter, Camile met him online and became friends with him.
Kathy and the guy started texting, and soon everything becomes tangled when they fall inlove but lives in different countries.


6. Amazing.

We stopped skyping.


He was either busy, or talking to the girl he liked.

So we just suddently stopped.


I felt empty.

He was the one who made me smile even if i felt broken.

He always made me happy.


I even asked him every single night if we could skype.

but he had homework and then he had the skype the girl he liked again.

It made me feel not as importen anymore.

and it felt weird.


After 2 weeks or something, i tried to get us back at FWB point, it works like 2% of the time and the other 98% he tried to stop it.

I stopped trying after that.


I just stopped texting him like i wanted him, and started texting him like i missed him.

I texted him that i missed him every single day.

and he kept telling me that he missed me too, but everything was messed up in his life at that moment and i tried to understand as much as possible.


But suddently he stopped texting that girl he liked.

They stopped flirting, and he finally had the time to text me again.

But he was weak at that moment and a little broken.


So he didnt act like himself.

He kept telling me how sad he was and how little he was worth.

and then one day i broke.

I couldnt take it anymore.


So i told him how crazy much he ment to me,and how much he was worth and all that. 

but i didnt tell him that i liked him.

I just told him how much he was worth.

How amazing he was, and how good of a person he was and had been to me.


He finally understood and began to skype me again, and he smiled and laughed with me as we used to.

He didnt seem broken anymore.

He seemed happy.

He even learned me a few words in irish and i learned him a few in danish.


It was pretty funny, when we were suppose to curse at each other, and we just started yelling words in our own language.

Neither of us understood anything.

but it was funny.


and i still tried to hold my feelins back as much as i could, but it was hard and i was running out of powers.



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