Through the Dark

Niall faces a decision. He either breaks up with his long time girlfriend , Ari, or ends his career. Niall goes through a lot and finally comes to his decision. Will he stay for 1D or go with Ari?


2. Out

Ari looked up at Niall. His eyes were beating down on Ari with annoyance and anger.

"Where are you going...tell me or you are not going to leave." Niall said pushing himself between the door and Ari.

"Ok well I just need to clear my mind so I'm just going for a drive around the city." Ari said as she looked down at her shoes.

"What's going on?" Niall said

"Nothing just a hard time"Ari lied

"Okay want me to go wi.."

"No, no I'm fine thank you." Ari said as Niall stepped out of her way and kissed her forehead.

"Bye..." Niall said as Ari opened the door.

"...bye..." Ari said quietly

Ari began to walk out the door and got in the car. She leaned against the wheel and cried quietly. Ari started the car and drove out the drive way.


Niall stood at the house and went upstairs to their room. He saw his phone and opened it looking at the messages his Manager sent him.

"What is this?" Niall said

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